Para-Community sicknesses: could it be easily explained by …. ?

It has been bothering me the past few years how so many people in the para-industry have been either struck down by injury, grown seriously ill, or literally passed-on!  Most of those in the paranormal who investigate paranormal activity are fairly young – statistically it just doesn’t seem normal!  Nor does it when considering the para-community’s size when counting the heart attacks, cancers, strokes, maniac depression, life threatening illnesses, even suicides!

So why is that – paranormal related or is it simply cases of happenstance?

Those are the first things that used to cross through my mind; however, that stopped after I attended the lecture given by David Rountree during the 2013 Mid-South Paranormal Convention.

I’m not quite the scientist Mr. Rountree is so bear with me and my vague terms.  [or feel free to do a simple internet search; I’m sure Mr. Rountree has many sites expressing his testing techniques.]

My Rountree spoke of how all sorts of invisible fields – magnetic, micro, nuclear, radioactive – are being detected and measured during paranormal happenings.  How these levels come together with emissions of-the-charts during a ‘para experience’. 

Although he left his findings there, as his point is to prove more than just generic ‘energy’ is detected during a ‘haunting’, which he made quite convincingly; however, he fueled my mind!  I couldn’t help but stray to those memories of para-friends who’ve been stricken down by a stroke, cancer, burying a friend from a heart attack or even the suicide of my brother!

What if many of these ailments we are witnessing within the para-community are happenings from the fact that we go looking for activity therefore each time are exposing our beings to dangerous levels of toxins well known as harmful to the human body?!

Even my brother committing suicide BUT he did so in a home that was notoriously haunted so much so, finding a baby sitter proved to be a daunting task.  Same home where the renter who lived just prior grew ill within weeks of moving in, increasing so to the point they passed-on just prior to signing a second year’s lease!  Same home where I lived when actively ghost hunting and possibly bringing home unseen ‘friends’!  Coincidences?  Maybe but remember, always keep an open mind!

Not that we didn’t have good reason to worry considering the amount of para-peeps afflicted; now, maybe this gives us tangible reason to truly be afraid!  And, the more we’re going out ‘in search of’ and then find, the more danger we’re putting ourselves in!  

I also worry for those who DON’T go looking yet are struggling to cope with para-activity in their homes – and what they are being exposed to daily!

See, Mr. Rountree didn’t realize his detecting disturbance within the immediate atmosphere during para activity didn’t stop there; for me, his lecture opened yet another Pandora’s Box!

Another reason why – maybe we should NOT being doing this as it’s not ‘just’ a hobby!


Hugs & happy hunting …