EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER: Never felt more alone, EVER!

Short & simple: I NEED YOUR PRAYERS FOR MY MOM who was moved into a nursing home last night! She’s ‘losing’ her mind.

It’s a very painful long story that would take me a while to recap here but I want to insert that I disbelieve that’s where she should be BUT with my being ALL alone, I haven’t ANYONE here in person to help guide me through all this (or to bring her home and help tend to her here). Wishin’ God would shower us with some money so that I can quit work, bring her home, and take care of her HERE! I simply do not trust nursing homes … esp with my VERY SWEET yet IMPATIENT mom! *tears*

I’m a basketcase … so ya might wanna add me to that prayer chain. Not holding-up very well! (not to imply vanity, I’m simply SCARED to death right now and miss everyone so!)

“GOD, PLEASE HEAR OUR PRAYERS! Please stop having so much faith in me … please!”

Thank you all!

And please remember …



P.S.: And I’ve come to HATE my late-brother! DESPISE HIM FOR DOING THIS TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!