Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: Winchester House

The Winchester House

The mansion is located in San Jose, California and was once the home of Sarah Winchester, widow of the infamous gun making William Winchester.  Although ground-breaking for this magnanimous home started in 1884, the home was continually built upon DAILY until 1922.

Why?  Well, according to Mechanix Magazine, it all started when … [quote]:  “[William Wirt] Winchester and the baby girl died suddenly and Mrs Winchester, stunned by the tragedy, fell into a coma so serious that physicians despaired of her life. Finally she recovered and, at a friend’s suggestion, visited a medium. During a séance, according to those familiar with her story, she received a communication from her dead husband in which he said: ‘Sarah dear, if our house had not been finished, I would still be with you. I urge you now to build a home, but never let it be finished, for then you will live.’ “

Sarah immediately moved west to northern California to start her life, again.

First on Sarah’s agenda – building a home.  From that day forward Sarah’s watchful eye of the day-to-day construction of the enormous structure took flight.  She would have a task completed, have it ripped apart simply to rebuild.  Sarah strictly enforced that not one hammer stop hammering nor one break be taken; literally the construction was never-ending, workers worked 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week until Sarah’s death on September 2, 1922 – a time when construction immediately ceased.  The end result was what many refer to as a ‘Mystery’ House costing over $5.5 millions dollars (remember this was around the turn-of-the-century millions).  Although the structure stood 7-stories tall initially, an earthquake in 1906 resulted in the 4-story-home that still stands today.

This Queen Anne Style Victorian home is located at 525 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California as a tourist ‘trap’.  (pun intended – BEWARE!)

The home is renowned for the stairs leading to no where, doors opening to walls or worse, thin air yet stories up!  Many blame this obsession with continual construction on Sarah’s bouts with depression of which the medium fed.  Other believe her family was haunted from all of those who died at the hands of one of their creations – the west was ‘won’ with Winchesters!  Sarah, and others, believed their family was cursed as a result and this home wasn’t only Sarah’s but that of those souls lost at the hands of a Winchester rifle!  Sarah truly felt the home was an homage to dead.

Winchester House
Many report hearings rappings, voices from unseen bodies, images floating between doors that lead to no where, rocking chairs and other objects moving on their own, even doors opening and closing by invisible hands.

Next time you find yourself with a LOT of time on your hands while visiting the San Jose area, I hear this site is a site everyone should experience.  However, be sure to not stray away from the tour guide as you may never be found again, lost forever in the crazed maze also known as the Winchester Mansion.

Winchester House



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