EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER: pitstop at positivity

Hola m’sweets!

Felt the need to blog today, although I wasn’t quite sure what topic to tackle. Seems I’ve have so many sad, mad, and helpless days this past month. My wonderful cousin suggested I write about the love of others, to which I FULLY agree. SO, this entry will be in that regard: positive influences & the love that comes along with it!

Today I’d like to give thanks for all of the GOOD things in my life.

My two beautiful sons; Bobby & Ben who never cease to amaze me and whose articulate and talented minds make me VERY proud!

My wonderful hard-working husband, Mike; whose dedication, perservance, love, generosity and compassion are what have kept me alive as well as has helped mold our sons’ characters into the GREAT men they are becoming.

My angelic mom; whose strengthen, kindness and love-of-others has touched my heart in ways I never thought possible.

My cousins, family and friends whose out-reach to me and my family during this time has made a HUGE difference — we TRULY appreciate each call, each card, and every thought & prayer!!!!

To our savior, Jesus Christ; whose life and death ensures me I WILL be reunited in peace with ALL who have left me!

And most importantly, God; for HIS strength of teaching me to leave my pain at his ‘door’, have faith life will (& does) go on, to just breath, and to embrace all as if there may be no tomorrow!


Hugs …