THE toughest and most scary thing I’ve EVER done but I did it! Took my 6’4″ brother with me (who was JUST as determined) to remove my mom from the NURSING HOME they placed her in without our or her consent.

Initially, she was moved to a short-term rehab center TO LEARN TO WALK from another stress fracture of the spine but was up walking all night so they moved her to the NURSING HOME area. (hello, no sense here … IF she was walking, SEND HER HOME!)

She’s granting me POA very soon as my NOT being hers almost held me back because I almost had to resort to my Plan B: roll-over mom, I’m crawling into bed with you and NOT leaving NOR eating until you get released!

Despite this insanity started 2-weeks-ago-today-yet-it-seems-like-this-has-been-MONTHS-long while she *lost* her mind which immediately started to come back to us when we got her into my truck and FLEW home with her! PROOF: they were doping her up with hopes she would lose her mind … who else gives a woman who’s in for WALKING rehab a bag of PlayDough, hand stamps from the $1 store, coloring utensils and a coloring book? still SICKENS ME! STILL makes me sick remember I walked in and saw my mom had been moved from a PRIVATE suite to a ‘hole’; my precious-wonderful-loving-SMART mom was lying only 1′ off the floor on a rubber cot with the tv on mute no tv remote for her to use, her water pitcher yet no cup given was literally 5′ away from her so she was dying of thirst, oh & her the light was off and the buzzer to call the nurse wasn’t clipped onto her, it was put-up HIGH so she couldn’t reach it! Yet after my reminding them of these BLANTANT offenses against my mom, they had the nerve & REFUSED to release her to us out of fear she’d be mistreated?! again, remember NO ONE SIGNED ANY PAPERS WITH THIS FACILITY IN ANY WAY NOR AT ANY TIME]! So they DEMANDED we be ‘scrutinized’ too and sent-over an in-home nurse to check on mom the next day who stayed over 2-hours with us, checked the house & mom out and we cleared with FLYING COLORS; seems tis a miracle, mom had ALREADY made HUGE mental strides – d’uh, the idiots! (btw, wanted to add I just talked with my mom and today she’s asking to balance her checkbook — Playdough & handstamps my ass!). Anyway, the nurse believes home IS the best for my mom so she’s arranging occupational & rehabilitation (& nurse) therapist visits 1 time a week for at least a month; as well as I asked for a pastor to stop-by weekly as well … mom’s still a LONG way to go from the grief she’s been enduring for TOO long now (wanted her add her only living-sibling was just diagnosed with lung cancer – she’s once again devastated!).

**let me add they let her fall at the nursing home one late night & yes, I’ve PICTURES of the HUGE red bruise on her back**

Since we’ve gotten her home, she’s now able to go to the restroom independently, make her bed (best she can), and is changing those tv channels remembering which were her fav shows, and with assistance in & out took a shower by herself! :)

She’s not totally ‘over’ all this yet and some med tweaking is taking place — for sure, she’ll be on in-home oxygen within the week. (for Mommy’s Day I’ve been buying her those nico patches yet with this mental clarity is coming cig cravings — have my fingers crossed my quoting how much $$$$$ she’s saved so far will be the sealer for her quitting!) *stay tuned*

Just wanted to quickly update my readers about my mom and thank ALL who sent us good things mentally, spiritually … we couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help! NEVER IN MY DREAMS DID I THINK WALKING-IN TO AN ER TO GET AN X-RAY WOULD WIND-UP WITH MY MOM IN A [MENTAL] NURSING HOME! Unless it’s life or death, I’m NEVER taking my mom back to an ER again! Take heed in our lesson; beware & be aware with YOUR parents! DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! If it HAS to, constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY demand to know the meds given and don’t be shy to tell them “NO MORE and we MEAN it!”! Because she WALKED into the ER yet was taken-out a WEEK later on a stretcher … now that’s healing for ya! *gag*


Hugs …


P.S.: I have a VERY short video of my mom from yesterday afternoon I’d like to share here as well … let me get a hold of my Webmaster for guidance. :) Stay tuned!