‘Help me! My house is haunted!’ with hostess Mellen

I witness so many people opening-up about their interest in the paranormal lately tis impressive! Why? Well, I believe that paranormal entertainment has opened-up the minds of the mainstream public to the fact the paranormal is NOT a taboo’ed subject to discuss anymore. And, even though paranormal is still a psuedo science, it IS a science nonetheless for we’ll all agree that there ARE unexplained ‘things’ out there. [Later date – I’ll get on a tangent about all of the different ‘things’ we believe play a part]

Seems ENDLESS paranormal movies have been hitting the theaters; the latest “Devil Inside” was awful! Curious, WHY would ANYONE make such a poor film like THAT one when there’s REAL evidence & TRUE stories out there ready to be shared (& ‘scare’ the watcher)? SERIOUS EVIDENCE DOES EXIST! Want proof: Did you, my reader, listen to my dead brother speaking to me on my recorder the night of his death? I have it posted to this site. And, I assure you when you listen, TALK ABOUT GOOSEBUMPS, be ready! So tell me, why don’t the filmmakers (ie.’Devil Inside’) take note to such TRULY SCARY STUFF versus creating such a TERRIBLE ‘film’? There’s simply no sense, tis nonsense, and I hope they realize that silly folk make for great jokes! And, the ‘Devil Inside’ is the biggest joke thus far!

I’m also curious why no science/spooky channels haven’t put-on a weekly paranormal TV talk show.?.? I think that having a paranormal hostess, *ahem*, asking those with truly active homes to come to the set while contacting legitimate groups in their area in order to get their site investigated just prior. After everything is completed, they could share their stories with the audience about their hauntings, leave the stage for the group to take seat and talk about their investigation of the site all the while ending with the ‘reveal’ as both parties are on stage … then, of course, we’d give all sorts of advice to help them with the future (as well as contacts for I’ve many). Sorta like a “Help me! My house is haunted!” kind of show!

I know I’m a dreamer but I pitched this to Oprah who apparently didn’t find it as marketable and I KNOW it would be. Maybe one day someone WILL listen … and if I’m lucky enough, I’ll be that hostess! (want to add that I’m an intuitive, with proof, so wouldn’t that make for a nice twist, *smiles*)

Hugs & happy hunting …