EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER: corner of greed & ugly

Greed, a simple five-letter-word which has brought great nations to their knees, divided the strongest of clans, and made the most beautiful hideously ugly.

Greed is defined as an ‘excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.‘*

Let ME add that …

Greed is SELFISH!

Greed is UGLY!


And greed HURTS!

Greed is one of God’s top deadliest sins and we’re aware how it destroys all in its wake; yet many continually give in and allow greed to lead their motions nonetheless with absolutely no regard to the affect upon others.

Tis sad when a person allows greed to consume them to the point they FORGET to be THANKFUL for what others do for them in times of need. They start EXPECTING!

So when greed comes into play when there’s death, it’s BRUTALLY pathetic!

What is wrong with those who feel life OWES them something? I’m unsure where that particular confusion first set-in but one thing is certain, I am TIRED of people who believe such! LET ME AWAKEN YOU – LIFE OWES YOU NOTHING! Nor do I owe you anything!

Honestly speaking here …. without the help of others reaching-out financially, A PARTICULAR FEMALE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO ATTEND HER FATHER’S MEMORIAL! It is NOT their financial responsibility to ensure a CAPABLE woman in her 30s gets to and fro! Despite I would have WALKED a million miles to be at my parent’s funeral, you sit on your ‘HIGH’ horse and pass judgment! I’m regretting ever letting you into my vehicle!

Let me enlighten some who seem quite ‘HIGHly’ dazed & confused: as a person’s next-of-kin it’s YOUR responsibility to arrange, coordinate and ASSUME ALL FINANCIAL responsibility to ensure a ceremony and a burial! Yet you offered nothing! Not one dime was given from you to those who provided you with transportation, food, a roof, a bed, travel and time with your sons of whom you ignored the entire time by locking yourself in a room to talk on a cell phone! Yet you’ve the nerve to now put your hand out calling, “it’s mine, it’s mine!” What a shell of a person you’ve become — you’re shallow, vain, conceited, and SELFISH! Where did that person I once knew go?

I once knew a beautiful, caring, smart young lady driven by integrity who I also considered a close friend. Sadly, that person morphed into someone totally different after meeting a ‘man’; a man who, up until now, I blamed for destroying a happy family despite I knew your choices were just that, YOURS! Just as you’ve opted to EXPECT from others in lieu of giving! I ask, “how DARE you feel it my responsibility to be financially liable when I slave away working for peanuts, when you are too irresponsible to raise your children or keep a mindless, simple job?”

Let me add … your father may be being buried in our family’s cemetery. If so, I truly hope you realize that YOU are responsible to make that happen. Luckily, our family isn’t greedy nor selfish so the plot and actual burial will come to you no charge; BUT, his headstone will not be handed to you on a silver platter. And yep, we are EXPECTING his next-of-kin to provide the monies for such. Again, you dear are his next-of-kin … not me, his sister … nor his mother … YOU, his flesh, his blood!

Your greed has hurt me as well as has your already devastated grandmother in dismay and more heartbroken – YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! HOW DARE YOU! Like I said, I wish I had left you on the side of the road! All this in lieu of a well-deserved thank you! You want drama? You want the center-of-attention? Well, here it is … a blog solely devoted to you!

Thank YOU for appreciating the unselfish acts of others!

*HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR LOVE ONE TODAY?* (in your regard that’d mean YOURSELF!)

Hugs, hugs …


*: compliments of dictionary.com

[ADDED INFO: I was told you are also complaining about not getting a dresser.?.? Calling it my dad’s and then your father’s. Other than the fact your were continually ‘self-medicated’ while your visiting here as I explained this in the simplest of English — so much, your younger sister completely understood! THAT small dresser you’re making a UNBELIEVEABLE ASS OUT OF YOURSELF OVER that your father had his stuff in (the stuff, if you remember, I MADE you go to, pack, and then put in my car to take home because you didn’t want to, YOU WERE LEAVING IT all behind), was in MY dresser! Yes, I OWNED that prior to his moving-in, I hadn’t picked it up from my mom’s garage yet. Then when Robbie temporarily moved-in, I was trying to be kind & unselfish by allowing him to use it to place some of his clothing in until he reconciled with his wife! Other than that is MY dresser it holds NO sentimental or (what you care most about) financial values. It’s junkie … MY MOM bailed that out of a storage unit. I saw it and offered her money as it was PERFECTLY ITTY SMALL enough to fit into one of my closets to use for linens! So stop your whining … it was never ever ever my father’s, your grandfather’s dresser (that NICE-SIZED WOODEN one belongs HIS SON, BRAD!).


And worse, you’re the biggest hipocrit I’ve EVER encountered!

I PITY THE FOOL WHO FALLS FOR YOUR MAGNAMIMOUS LIES & stabs in the back and has to deal with you when the one grandparent you do have with some income passes! *gimmie gimmie*

BTW, even up until you got out of my car you hugged me & told me you loved me … then you talk all this smack about me behind my back! Thinking you may have inherited a LOT more from your dad than just a weak itch toward addiction & violence! You need medical & mental attention! You’re one VERY sick individual! (sad, considering a few years prior YOU were THE one with the best ‘head’ on her shoulders — and now, look at you, look at your lifestyle, look at where you are, wtf?!)