9/11/01: A decade later

10-years ago, when tragedy struck: I had returned to bed after getting my oldest on the bus & my baby nursed and back to sleep. My husband rushed into our room to tell me a plane had accidentally hit one of the World Trade Towers. Got up and watched the news in the family room. I remember sitting on our ol’ square (& durable) coffee table when my hubby kept saying (in fear), “What the hell is that? What the hell? It’s going right at the other building, Mary Ellen LOOK!” That’s when the second plane hit the other tower and we KNEW it wasn’t an ‘accident’.

During all this, we sitting dazed & in awe of how much damage can come from such a small vessel (in comparison to the giant buildings), I spoke something aloud for my husband to hear. I mentioned a name despite I hadn’t a clue who he was, but his name came to my head and I’ve learned to speak-out, as you never know. The name I called out with blame was “Osama bin Laden”. [still unsure where that knowledge of mine came from]

I had not long prior retired to raise our family so I IMMEDIATELY called my ‘office friends’ to alert them, KNOWING they didn’t have tvs, etc. My phone was ringing off the hook after that so my attention was divided between the buildings crumbling, people running for their lives, the Pentagon as well as hearing how flight 93 was possibly enroute to the White House, then hearing it pludged into the rural areas of Pennsylvania.

Although the schools were TRYING to help, they were naive! They had started locking the school doors; I felt was THE WORST STEP; keeping those kids in ONE building was a target in itself – send those kids home! So, I rushed into our school to snag-up my son. I was the first parent in line so the Principal himself went to retreive him. By the time he returned, over a DOZEN more parents were behind me with more coming through the door!

We lived RIGHT by the Indianapolis International Airport then. I was suffering from post-traumatic stress as for WEEKS following I was PETRIFIED to stop at a stop light [in fear a suicide bomber would just ‘blow up the car next to them’].

We had some dear friends living over in Cairo at the time. I remember contacting them to WARN them to stay indoors (as the news THEY were getting didn’t jiv with ours). Their tale afterward included a suicide bomber almost killing her husband & his brother — as soon as they could, despite that was HIS home, they fled back to America. [it took them over a year for that to be possible]

After the shock cleared I learned several of those with whom I did business perished with the towers (I worked educating others regarding securities, etc.). It truly hit home with EVERYONE one way or another!

I’ve visited the site of Flight 93 since. It’s quite emotional with their memorial, plaques telling you about the ones who perished there that day, but it’s the CRATER in the field that really tugs at your gut! Although that day, EVERYONE was a hero — passengars young, old, strong, weak SAVED our beloved nation’s capitol after KNOWING by talking to those they love that theirs too was a one-way ticket — simply leaves one speechless. My heart and soul will never be the same.

My son was asked to write a paper about that day, a few years ago. While everyone else was writing about the same stuff, he chose to ask me MY side. So I told him that with EVERY situation there is ALWAYS a brightside, you must just look. So from the darkest of dark I watched the world come together, the world cry together, peace was prevailing as crime PLUMMETTED, people reached-out to help others without question, while EVERYONE gave what they could financially, even my two sons. His speech was chosen to be read to the entire school!

My sons will never know the ‘freedoms’ of life we used to have. As that day wasn’t just a tragic day in history which started an endless war; it was a day that changed the way-of-life for ALL nations under God forever!


Peace …