All Hallows’ Eve: Ain’t all about gettin’ candy!

Happy Halloween!

Every year on All Hallows’ Eve the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest; spirits freely ‘walk’ the earth. As a paranormal investigator (and theoriest) to another, I suggest using this day to your advantage — test those gizmos and gadgets. Be quick, though, for at 12:01a, All Saint’s Day, the party is over, too late!  If not, THIS magnitude doesn’t happen until until summer’s solstice.

Just in case y’all were interested — or needed an incentive.

Hugs & happy hunting …



Prayer protect to whom you call ‘God’; BEFORE & AFTER!

You can grab an MP3, IPOD, err whatever you use & download music on. Choose its ‘voice recording’ option and click record. REMEMBER THOUGH: you WILL have to sit through each taping at LEAST twice so I always suggest remembering that when determining how long you wish to record. EVP, ‘Electronic Voice Phenomenon‘, which is what you’d be attempting to capture I, in laymen terms, would describe as ‘disembodied voices captured on audio (or even video) tape’. USUALLY you do NOT hear them during the recording session; it’s in the reviewing sessions after the fact you’ll discover them. Goldwave(dot)com offers a FREE trial software for VERY easy editing.

IF you choose to shoot a slew of digital pictures, 99.9% of the orbs you captured are earthborn so PLEASE don’t toss ’em but discount them until you’ve reason otherwise. (I’ve noted a LARGE particular orb, SAME lineage markings by my son since digital pictures came on the scene — here, YEARS later, that ‘orb’ STILL appears. So don’t delete it, discount it … until otherwise.)

IF you choose to do the ‘PARA ACTIVITY’ deal using a video recorder — have fun! BUT again I must warn, from experience … remember you have to sit and watch EVERY minute you record at least twice! (I’ll never forget that crazy idea I had of filming my kitchen cupboards overnight one night — not because they were opening & closing at night, oh no, it was just because I wanted to! End result, it took me THREE days to watch cupboards in infragreen, I … just … watched …. them! Cupboards are not very entertaining, I assure you so it wasn’t pretty!)

ABOVE ALL denote your environment using a small notepad along with some common sense – don’t ever trespass … nor forget to prayer protect begin/end …. nor forget to take a flashlight if you’re gonna hit an outdoor site …. nor ever go it alone – always take a buddy!

Hugs & Happy hunting … :)


Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: Ohio State Reformatory

With its towering, stone façade and secure iron-gated sprawling grounds, the Ohio State Reformatory leaves no room for any imaginative thoughts by passersby debating if it’s a host to a rich history – a history well over a century old, echoes resounding down its now deserted depilated halls. This chataeuesque structure’s renowned reputation reached far from the small town of Mansfield, Ohio where it stands as movie producers and powers-that-be multiple times recognized its beauty and used the site to film such movies as, ‘Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Air Force One’. The remnants left behind along-the-way aren’t just movie props and pieces of misfit, forgotten furniture but also reverberations of memories seared in time as well as ‘feelings’ from prisoners, workers, and victims who passed thru the halls years and years ago! A history filled with the usual that comes from caging the most heinous-of-criminals, but added are suicides, successful escapes that lead to the murder of a group of people in a nearby cornfield, a warden’s wife ‘accidentally’ dying from a single gun shot to her head deemed an accident blaming a shelf in the closet despite rumor had told a totally different story.

But the Ohio State Reformatory wasn’t only just a state-of-art, uniquely architectural marvel for the 1890s with a history; its the ideals of those who lead the prison toward reformation which made it stand out in its community. Their unique, fresh approach MAY be what now drives thousands to the prison paying simply to stay beneath its roof for one night over a century later.

What was this prison designed around – spiritual reformation.

The staff was taught – spiritual reformation.

The building was built to accommodate – spiritual reformation; with an ornate chapel built inside within its walls. Officials mandated all inmates were to worship regularly, ALL inmates!

Was it this approach, forced spiritual reformation, which has possibly opened portals within these walls, doors to the paranormal? Well, they not only built a spiritual temple but forced the most vile to ‘worship’ at its alter! Sounds toxic to this chick!

Yep, I’ll confess, I’ve paid to visit this site on numerous occasions as to investigate and NEVER have I left disappointed or empty-handed either. The EVP from this place – off the charts!

Each time I visited we had to check-in and quickly were taken on a quick tour of the magnanimous structure for sun went down, so did all of the lighting. There are endless walls peeling their paint, cells in disarray, floors showered with debris and droppings from years of wear & tear. Almost every barred window has had their glass shattered out. [proof that when this prison closed its doors in the 1990s, it did just that – closed the doors and no one ever looked back!]

When the tour is over, you’ve freedom to roam the halls until sun-up.

First stop, the chapel: now a shell of its former self, yet has deemed to be a hot spot for paranormal activity.

EVP from the Chapel: “the bathroom” (version slightly altered)

EVP from the THE CHAPEL: “the bathroom” (VERY slowed down)<

EVP from the THE CHAPEL: “criminal” (unaltered)

Next stop, through the halls and into the ‘Hole’ as to sit alone for an hour with a candle lit sitting in the cell where a cellmate once committed suicide by dowsing himself with paint thinner and igniting himself with a match.

EVP from THE SOLITARY, aka HOLE: “flash burn” (slightly altered)

Off to my last and favorite spot, the Warden’s quarters – not simply because it’s a MAJOR hot spot for paranormal activity but also because it was one of the few spots renovated for the filming.

EVP from THE WARDEN’S QUARTERS: “to see the warden” (unaltered)

Oh and if you you dare visit, remember bats use radar so when one comes flying straight at you, DON’T MOVE AN INCH!






Hugs & happy hunting …



P.S.:  Initially posted in October 26, 2011 – bumping-up.

Emotional Rollercoaster: Another what if, just what if?

I lie in bed, yet sleep escapes me.  My mind I cannot stop.  It’s filled with worry, wonderment, and fear.  My heart divided.  It’s been so long since I last penned an entry in this series – I guess I haven’t ‘survived’ suicide just yet!

Changes are occurring that are beyond my control!

Monday the home where my brother hung himself, the home where he spoke to me from ‘beyond the grave’ mentioning me by name as if reaching-out to me for help a mere few hours after his death, now the home where almost 2-years later he still speaks as if reaching out to me, this home will be sold.  I will never have access to it again.  No chance to ‘talk’.  No chance to say more good-byes.  A ‘finale’ so to speak!

Although my latest taping session from within the home was not but a day ago, a mere 11:11-minutes in length was all it took for within the first 1:06 of those minutes, once again a voice can be heard speaking his name, “Robbie”!

Why am I worried, in wonderment yet in fear?

Worry – worry for my brother whose soul may be ‘trapped’ within that small one-car garage and think how long ‘eternity’ is!

Wonderment – wondering as a Christian I MUST help him!  I’ve never been a fan of ‘spiritual house cleansing’ for to be ‘left behind’ was a divine decision was my excuse – and what am I but a simple human, tis no match to undermine a divine decision.  Yet I pause and remind myself how perfect God is and how much faith I have in Him!  How, I know, He would not ever allow something to be!  God would not give us the power-of-prayer if He did not want us to assist ‘lost souls’ in need.  Right?

Fear – fearing the ‘what ifs’.  What if … I’m wrong and whoever is speaking to my recorder is NOT my brother?  What if … I’m wrong and God is testing our faith by giving us the means but hoping we choose to not?  What if … my brother’s spirit is there and I put it in more jeopardy?  What if … I’m right, where then will my brother’s soul go?

Yet my BIGGEST fear is … the idea of my doing nothing!

I have already arranged for a reputable paranormal group to come into the home in the next few days.  *Stay tuned*

Hey!  Hug your loved ones!  TRUST ME – you NEVER know when they could be ripped away from you in a split second!


Hugs & happy hunting …


Paranormal: EVP – proof his spirit was there with me!

(bumping this post up; initially posted 10/04/11)

It’s moments and EVP like these which remind me why I’m SUPPOSED to be in the paranormal. I’ve proof my brother spoke to me from beyond the grave! *goosebumps*

And tis with special permission I’m able to share this VERY personal EVP. I informed my mother who was torn yet chose to listen. Albeit bittersweet I may now add that she agrees wholeheartedly THIS IS MY BROTHER, HER LATE-SON ; we know his ‘voice’, and he’s whispering to me, “Mary Ellen, it’s Robbie!


Don’t understand?

Well, my brother died from a suicidal hanging not but a month ago. This EVP was obtained the night of his death.

Need to point-out that this recording was captured during my 2:30 am session; within the first 5-minutes …. of my first recording segment! First FIVE minutes! I’ve almost 2-hours more!!! [EDITED 3/6/2012 TO ADD: Last hours proved to include practically ENDLESS, undescribable sounds such as doors opening & shutting, drawers being opened & closed, items beging dragged across the floor, unintelligible whisperings, and metal clanking ALL HAPPENED IN AN EMPTY GARAGE OF A HOME WHERE EVERYONE WAS SOUND ASLEEP AND THE CRICKETS ‘HEARD’ THEM AS WELL FOR THEY ALMOST ALWAYS GROW EERIE’LY QUIET WITH EVERY ‘MOVEMENT’ CAPTURED!]

With everyone sound asleep & I all alone, I went out to the garage to snap a few pictures, ‘talk’ to my brother while clicking record. My brother knew and would’ve expected nothing less from his ghosthunting sis! So heck yea I investigated … we need answers! (obviously he was game)

After taking pictures and ‘talking’ to him, I started another segment by leaving the recorder unchaperoned yet recording – just lying there on the workbench. Off to bed I went – I promised to stay with my mother that entire night.

I have made it though the recordings only once, I prefer listening to each segment three times to deduce validity. However, I’m adament enough to state that I’m …. BLOWN-AWAY to have so many ‘questionable’ moments in such few para-recordings! And let me tell you, I’ve endless EVP from my ghosting in the past but NONE compare to THESE tapings! So far, aside this awesome EVP, that night I also captured disembodied movements like quick gasps, draggings, wooden clinks, metal clanks … some ‘mumbling’.

All of this obtained in an empty 1-car garage!

It’s seems unbelieveable but tis true! And before you wonder … yes, I’ve plans to reinvestigate soon but next time I’ll have VIDEO in-hand as well … need to ‘SEE’ those movement EVP! *stay tuned*

But I need to close with this: I’ve heard many an EVP in my past, but NEVER has one EVER touched me nor been as ENLIGHTENING as this one! NONE OF THEM!


Hugs …


EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER: balancing, waiting, worrying, yet understanding!

I hope my words help others who are struggling or helping others who are. I post today a quick blog to appease with hopes someone IS depending upon this page to help them find strength and does so.

Aside from working practically full-time now, I’m still balancing all of my ‘new’ responsibilities. Life started to overwhelm me so I took it by the reigns, bought a calendar, and am starting to see the light. Balancing MY life with that of my MOM’S is feat, I’m learning.

My heart pains as I ‘sense’ the worst in regard to my mom (praying I’m wrong!). It’s that nodule they found on her lung. Finally, the pulmonary doctor’s office called and she’s slated for an appointment in early January for her repeat lung ct scan. THAT’S THE DAY! And, what they’re looking for is growth. IF it grows ANY fashion, it’s biopsy time. If not, it’s GOOD news!

Yes, I’ve gently discussed my fears with my mom. I’ve emphasized how she needs to QUIT smoking to be most healthy – she concurs although her actions speak are otherwise for she’s back up to smoking almost a pack-a-day (out in my garage). We talked about the ‘what if’ regarding chemotherapy. She’s decided she WILL NOT take it unless they say she’s a 70% or better chance. Oddly, I agreed with her. I’ve watched several people go through chemo just to ‘prolong’ their lives simply to find themselves in a worse condition causing the person to be violently ill, unable to eat, the loss of their hair, the inability to complete simple tasks dues to lethargy for the rest of their existance.

My husband recently shared with me a conversation he had with my mom not too long ago in regards to the nodule. My mom laughed at the alternative, death. I’m saddened as her daughter she feels so apathetic regarding her future; but as a parent, I understand.

Keeping myself busy by working a LOT of doubles! It’s my escape. So I’m doing fairly well. Haven’t cried a fraction for my brother as I did my sister. Not sure if it’s denial or the fact my life’s in chaos and I’m prioritizing my emotions — whatever it is, it’s working! I’ve gained 16lbs and am FINALLY at 111lbs! How dangerous the waters were when I was treading at 94lbs! I hope my brother forgives me for NOT being so distraught as I was with the loss of our sister.

Paranormally speaking, I’ve not had a chance to download and then take the HOURS it’s going to take to review the recordings I completed on Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve). I taped two segments – both I just left the recorder alone. Will share any EVP I (hopefully) captured.

Will part for now …. hope y’all, my readers, have a beautiful autumn day and this finds you surrounding yourself with positivity as what you emit is what you attract! :)


Hugs & happy hunting …


Simply Mellen … just me!

Many people are ‘just’ learning about what’s put me where I’m ‘at’ today, soooo in lieu of explaining repeatedly – I thought I’d write a QUICK entry to explain.

First off, this website was a gift to me by a VERY dear & wonderful friend as a result of my being VICIOUSLY & unjustifably cyber bullied (by grown adults who had NEVER met me, nor accepted the invite TO let me add). Why this occurred (and may still be but I heed ‘them’ NO attention), God will enlighten me when my time is ready as I’ve not a clue. Regardless, Mr. Ron Garrison set this up and tends it for me at no charge to which I’m ETERNALLY grateful! However, a couple-of-years back this site was hacked and MUCH of what was on it, lost – so although THIS site seems vacant, it’s being reborn & tis in a ‘rebirthing’ stage, so to speak. Previously, I had a lot more paranormal ‘evidence’, etc. onboard — so you’re witnessing my baby stepping it back into a full-blown, informative, entertaining and FUN website! :)

Now, why the paranormal and why me?

I have always had an affinity for the paranormal; even as a young child who couldn’t read, I’d peruse the pictures in books WELL beyond my years. When the ‘net’ era came about I was entralled there were paranormal groups forming, some even allowing the public to join-in. I quickly embraced my love for the paranormal as a HOBBY, took on MULTIPLE ‘titled’ positions in said groups, until the time came I was spent from endless hours of volunteering, appearing in documentaries, leading fundraisers, etc.!

And although I’ve made some WONDERFUL friends along the way, it wasn’t until 2006 when I met with some Hollywood producers [SPOOKED TV] who were juuuuust entering the paranormal filmmaking industry when my popularity skyrocketed! Yep, they CHOSE me, out of the audience — proof they ARE in tune with their intuitiveness as when we spoke after their speaking event ended, they realized I had an interesting story right up their alley. As a result, within days we were filming my telling this same story to their cameras which eventually made it into their paranormal-documentary, ‘Children of the Grave’ [‘COTG’]. ‘COTG’ was initially released just on DVD in 2007 but then was QUICKLY swept-up by Syfy and aired, editted, regularly on cable; moreso during the Halloween season, of course. [recently it’s been shared to include: NBC, Chiller & now SPOOKED TV-on-Demand]

In the meantime, I’ve been the renown roadrunner. I’ve tried to visit as many places humanly possible. I mean, I’ve spent COUNTLESS hours planning trips — down to the smallest of details. Even if the trip was only 45-minutes away, I’d find historical stops to visit enroute – that’s just me … I WANT TO SAY “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”! I love this land and am sad we only live a short lifetime as there’s simply SO much I still need & want to take-in! *sigh* My primary goal, when traveling, is to visit places with a ‘history’. Sometimes I ‘do’ paranormal tests, other times, not — depends upon the circumstance as well as the respect for the place. I’ve traveled to LA via car twice and visited SO many sites in SO many states, I’m losing count! Heck, just this past summer when driving home from LA (to Indianapolis) just nearby Colorado took me to Wild Bill Hickcock’s & Doc Holliday’s gravesites which followed my stopping at ghost towns, haunted restaurants, and ENDLESS graveyards/cemeteries. Yes, tis obvious now I’ve a ‘knack’ for hunting out such sites. And tis because of ALL this I PREFER to drive – ALWAYS, if permitted! I TRULY BELIEVE IN THE OL’ ADAGE: ‘getting there is half the fun’! :)

Personally, I’m no longer in a paranormal group and although I’m invited from time-to-time to ghosthunt/investigate sites with those who ARE still actively involved, I try not to dive too deep into that ‘social’ pool. I’ve learned there are QUITE a few ‘questionables’ with whom I’d rather not socialize – crrrreeeeeeeeeeeeepy peeps! *winks* I still whip-out my digital recorders as well as snap a few pictures along the way, fear naught. And, like that EVP of my brother speaking to me (a few entries down from this one on this site), tis proof I’ve not lost the ‘art’ of paranormal investigating.

I’ve MANY different opinions about this ‘evidence’ we paranormalists are obtaining but those are thoughts for a different day (and specific entry devoted solely upon them – stay tuned). ONE THING I DO KNOW FOR CERTAIN: there’s something ‘etheric’ all around us! *beware*

Tangent … sorry, wanted to scare … tis the reason for THIS season! :)

In closing I wanted to add … for those ‘just’ learning about me, where I’ve been as well as what brought me to this, a site, personality, celebrity friends and travel a’plenty – here it is. I’m NOT done either so keep an eye out for more posts in the future (… heck, just 2 days ago I captured yet another good EVP but this time in my OWN home, not gonna stop anytime soon obviously).


Hugs …