Creepy ol’ Farmhouse

T’was One Creepy Old Farmhouse
Written & Experienced By: Mary Ellen Kolvet-Hammack


At age three my dad died abruptly from a heart attack. Since he died at home, my mom immediately sold our house and relocated my family from Michigan to Florida. Then, a few years later we moved again but to Kentucky; right near where my mother was born and raised.

Being an unemployed widow at 37 with four kids to feed, money had become very scarce for my mother so life was a constant struggle. When we lived in Kentucky we were living poverty stricken. We took root in a small 2-bedroom house on my family’s property in what some commoners still refer to as a “holler”. It was during this brief stay that I was told by my mom to me a young child that members of a ‘bad’ family had done some pretty terrible things to my sister! As a result, in the middle of the night, my mom whisked my youngest brother, Brad and me off to live safely with her sister & husband all the way in Avon, Indiana. She along with my other brother, Robbie, and sister, Roxanne, had to stay a bit longer in Kentucky with the intent of joining Brad and me in Indiana before summer. I was DEVASTATED and scared to be without my only parent!

My aunt’s & uncle’s house wasn’t very big. It was just a simple old white farm house with hardwood floors, old brass doorknobs that took one skeleton key throughout, with a brick front porch which was built as one of the VERY first homes in our small county back in the mid-1800s – as well as was used as a place-of-worship until the neighboring church was completed. The home wasn’t creepy to look at so who would have thought?! Even Brad & I smiled when we saw the cool treehouse that was built in the most awesome tree. And, just to the left of the old house was a pasture with horses grazing in it. And, my aunt’s garden only took-up a small portion of the beautifully trimmed green lawn. Behind the house was an endless cornfield. And, less than a block down the gravel drive was a little church with a cemetery all fenced in. Other than those attributes to entertain, there was not much else besides a creek. Back then this area was VERY rural, and peaceful – so we thought!

Then SCARY things started to happen in the old house. I began to hear the footsteps and noises inside the old house. Every single night they’d pound up those basement stairs, stop, and then start going back up again yet never going down. It was horribly frightening for me and I can still vividly recall hiding my head under the covers. My Aunt was a firm & strict disciplinarian, not one you’d approach with such stories so I kept my mouth shut. [Note, it wasn’t until years later that I finally spoke up about what I had experienced. To my surprise, my brother Brad also admitted to hearing the same footsteps every night!!!]

Four months later and fourth grade now behind me my mom and siblings moved to Indianapolis as promised! My mom rented us a small double and we were rescued from living in that creepy old house. The double was in a neighborhood stuffed full of kids! Life was good for it was here that I experienced an epiphany, I met my (now-ex) best friend Sherry. I was so happy! That is ….until the bad news came! My aunt and uncle had bought property, they were moving out of that ol’ farm house so my mom decided to rent it for us! We were moving back!

It was in that creepy house that I endured endless footsteps, our animals growling at thin air, the blizzard of 1978, levitating objects, noises, pictures flying off walls, you name it. I remember once being in the bathroom and physically watching from the inside of the room the latch-hook lock lift up all on its own, the knob turn and the door open! Most startling was when from down in the dank, wet, smelly basement you’d hear a loud sound like all of the shelves that were filled with empty Mason jars suddenly breaking and all of the glass crashing on the ground yet nothing broke. It must have thrived on scaring little kids because I can assure you it made me petrified! [MANY WITNESSED THESE EVENTS!]

Imagine my delight when I was told that my mom had been given a grant and we were moving to a house we were going to own! God had finally answered my prayers!! Yippee we were moving! That is ….until the bad news came! Now Sherry and her family had decided to rent the home. Our friendship was true and we were dedicatedly best friends, so it was with no regret that I frequently returned to the old house to spend time with her.

Within a year, Sherry’s family had purchased a home and they were moving from the house. I was elated! It was over! I was never ever going back there, ever!

That is ….until more bad news came. My eldest brother, his wife and toddler daughter had decided to rent the home (as I’ve grown older I’ve deduced that this house must have rented at a very economical rate). This was beginning to feel like a curse! Of course, I had to go back for most of the time I was their babysitter. In that creepy old farmhouse there I sat, now much older, all alone, and still very afraid all the while listening to a two-year old little girl telling stories about a little green man with red eyes who visited her during the night. How he asked to be her friend and that he played with her often. She even called him by name, Dobby Dobb. Thankfully it wasn’t much longer that word came, they too were moving! Luckily this time no one I knew decided to rent the house.

Life was good and it stayed that way for over 25-years with the memories of the house ever-fading as a result. That is …. as an adult I was watching a movie and I was literally stunned when it was revealed that one of Satan’s most trusted angels is called Dobby Dobb!

Now I’m positive… that’s just one really, really creepy house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spoke to clergy in regard to this “Dobby Dobb” being and was told to be careful, it was one of Satan’s top minions bent on suicide. He explained that ‘even the Pope’ would be of little help to me, for me to remain strong, and to refrain from speaking its name (as that is supposed to empower it). As many of you know … since penning this story about 8-years ago ….. my sister has passed-on from self-inflicted causes I also consider a form-of-suicide as well as my oldest brother blatantly committed suicide recently by hanging himself.

I wasn’t posting this just as a ‘creepy’ tale for Halloween but also a warning. Although this ‘thing’ has been with me (& my family) a lifetime, when you venture into the paranormal/unknown you NEVER know what you’re going to face. I BEG each & every one of you who ghosthunt to PROTECT yourself via prayer (or however you spiritually worship); as you surely do NOT want a life like MY family’s!