Lions, Tigers & Shadow people, OH MY!

My mother spent the night at her home where my brother committed suicide despite she’s now living elsewhere, with us. During the night she experienced the oddest ‘dream’ despite when she told me it was so ‘real’!

She saw a black mass in ‘human’ form hovering in the corner of her bedroom; a person but all in black, even the eyes were blackened. Awakening from a VERY deep & medicated sleep she thought it was my niece who lives with her so she called out to it by her name demanding she get down before she hurt herself. It obeyed and leapt down but then oddly it stumbled over my dad’s old trunk at the foot of her bed. I asked her how she felt when all of this happened and she told me she was frightened. Hmmm ….

That is what SHE told me the next morning on the phone and here’s the true tale I shared with her immediately …

The home where this occurred to her is where my brother committed suicide as well as was the home to my husband and I of which we purchased 15-years ago. There we raised our two sons until moving to our current home. During our life there odd things happened but I dismissed them for paranormal activity around me was normal. It wasn’t until when my oldest was about 5 I truly began to realize the severity of the activity, though. My then-very-young-son told me then how a “ball of light” was flying around his head so he threw it out his window; about the young boy who continually begging him to allow him to play along; and about the shadow FAMILY who lived in his closet — a dad, mom, young son his age, and a toddler. One night he told me he heard the mom whisper to the young son, “shhh, you’ll wake Bobby”! This is when I started getting in touch with paranormalist to gain an understanding as to what what going on. I mean I had an idea but talking shadows and balls of light were new to me. I discovered, as many of you have, that ghost hunting groups were popping-up all around the world. I contacted a group but was hesitant to let just anyone in my home so I started to attend their monthly meetings … got hooked, took-on titled positions for a few years yet never in that time did I ‘officially’ have an investigation done in this home.

As many of you, my readers, have read my living-brother has been experiencing a lot in that home since so much so a man of 46-years sleeps with his light on. My niece also has seen unexplanable things. And all, including my mom, have heard LOUD rappings on the doors.

And before you wonder, yes I plan on investigating the home once my mom, brother and niece move-out. I don’t want to ‘upset’ anything. However, I have rethought my blessing of the home because I TRULY FEAR ‘something’ may follow me here, to our new home. I’m not a seasoned ‘house cleaner’ so tis probably for the best! Hoping whoever buys the home are brave, spiritually knowledgeable souls. (or maybe whatever is going on is doing so JUST to us)

Just wanted to update y’all regarding the paranormal goings-on over there. Will continue to share as information deems worthy.

Happy hunting …