SURVIVING SUICIDE: psychic intervention sought

Recently, I attended a psychic fair. I obtained two ten-minute readings by two different ‘psychics’. [boxed-in are the relationship explanations ]

DISCLAIMER: I know ‘psychics’ and do NOT talk much to them nor nod my head as well as watch ALL of my actions (and appearance) with hopes not to lead them &/or provide them with information … I allow THEM to take the reigns, so to speak; however, I DO give confirmation to them when they’re accurate.

The first was a graceful lady whose information was relevant to my life but not life altering. Such as, she said she ‘saw’ me in a hospital environment [been there, done that with my mom just recently as well as I’m ‘tending’ to her a nurse/caregiver now]; I need to create a calendar as I’m going to be tracking dates that cause me to be excited [oddly, I had just spoken to my mom about getting her a calendar as to not just remind her what day it was each day but also to track her ENDLESS appointments and prescription refills despite I do not consider these ‘exciting’, hmm]; she told me I’m a ‘healer’ by touch [been there, done that]; she also said a playful young boy who is in spirit form is tagging along with me in life, said he wants me to name him [unsure, stay tuned].

Next up a guy who hit some nails on their heads! He TOLD me I had 2 brothers [yes, he went RIGHT to talking about my brothers – bright bulb went off!]; he didn’t come out and say one was in spirit but hinted to me that there was a situation going on that was ‘foggy’ to him [I picked-up his hesitation was from the fear my brother hadn’t passed-on yet and didn’t want to scare me into worrying he was GOING to die soon … I told him then that my brother was gone and it happened recently]. Then he told me my brother-in-spirit was at peace with his ‘issues’, actually happy and was hearing my pleas for help [this man had NO idea my situation nor that I do INDEED speak aloud to my late-brother begging him for guidance with our mother as well as my only living sibling]. He told me my brother-in-spirit was going to ‘terrorize’ my living brother and then he asked me if I had heard of &/or believed in ghosts (ah ha ha) for he meant in THAT sense my late-brother was going to reak havoc on my living one as to and I quote, “get your brother out of that house”! [He had NO idea my brother committed suicide nor did he know it happened in a house nor did he know my living brother lived in the home he committed suicide nor did he know I was struggling trying to find a place for my living brother & my mom, who is staying with me outside of THAT home, a place to rejoin them. Also, just a few days prior my brother called me and told me he had been seeing ‘things’ in the house — my niece confirmed as she too saw a ‘man’ — both are now sleeping with the lights on]. He also told me my brother was telling me to “shut up & to just be there for mom” [again, I do NOT speak, as I normally do, *smiles*, so he was TOTALLY in the dark I’m a fast-talking, talker — had to chuckle because just the 2-days/nights prior my mom and I butted heads, d’oh!]. He also told me that I need to rejuventate ME; told me it was a beautiful day (it was) and it was still early… there were 2 friends wanting & waiting to spend time with me and for me to go be with them as to get some time to myself**. And then right before we parted he grabbed my hand and added, “your brother has assignments he’s taken-on, one is he’s going to help you, he plans on visiting you in your dreams though so be ready as he’ll lead you from there”.

Let me add that BOTH psychics picked-up on my mom and neither mentioned my dad. [Shocking to me considering most families have one; and yea, I found that convincingly odd considering my dad died in 1970 yet they had NO WAY of knowing that.]

That was Saturday — since, I HAVE had a dream with my brother-in-spirit in it despite I haven’t had one with him or about him since his passing. Also, it was more like a ‘puzzle’ or ‘pieces’, ‘clues’ or ‘hints’ … soon to make sense to me, I hope.

DREAM OPENED UP: My brother was lying dead on the floor and I was frantic. (remember I was NOT one who found my brother that day, nor did I see him hanging)

DREAM FLASHED TO ANOTHER SCENE: A lil’ girl about 6-7 was possessed by a demon and I was holding her, squeezing her close to me while holding my cross necklace against her and yelling, “In Jesus’ name I command you leave this child forever”!

DREAM FLASHED BACK TO MY BROTHER: He was lying there, I was pumping his chest in order to perform CPR but I paused as I was unable to give him mouth-to-mouth (?).

DREAM FLASHED TO A BLIP: All I remember was the feeling I got from moving ‘something’ and feeling relieved all it took was a simply switch of ‘something’ to make ‘someone’ more comfortable.

I’m sure this dream was the first of several, hence why I’m sharing. I’ve a dilemma regarding rebuilding what’s left of my family and need all of the help I can get! IF my brother can help me from beyond using dreams, so be it — I’m open!

Will continue to post as significant happenings deem worthy of sharing occur! :-)

And I don’t say this enough but “thank you for taking the moment to read my writings, share my pain, and keeping my family in your thoughts & prayers”!


Hugs & happy hunting …


**: WANT TO ADD: Later that evening & after heeding his advice, I headed an hour west to spend time with my close buddies, Brenda & Stan. After a bite & coffee, off we went on a much needed ghosthunt where the strangest thing happened … BUT that’s gonna be my topic for my next blog as I’ve some EVP yet to listen for before I can post it completely, so who knows what I scored! *stay tuned*

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