Paranormal: EVP – proof his spirit was there with me!

(bumping this post up; initially posted 10/04/11)

It’s moments and EVP like these which remind me why I’m SUPPOSED to be in the paranormal. I’ve proof my brother spoke to me from beyond the grave! *goosebumps*

And tis with special permission I’m able to share this VERY personal EVP. I informed my mother who was torn yet chose to listen. Albeit bittersweet I may now add that she agrees wholeheartedly THIS IS MY BROTHER, HER LATE-SON ; we know his ‘voice’, and he’s whispering to me, “Mary Ellen, it’s Robbie!


Don’t understand?

Well, my brother died from a suicidal hanging not but a month ago. This EVP was obtained the night of his death.

Need to point-out that this recording was captured during my 2:30 am session; within the first 5-minutes …. of my first recording segment! First FIVE minutes! I’ve almost 2-hours more!!! [EDITED 3/6/2012 TO ADD: Last hours proved to include practically ENDLESS, undescribable sounds such as doors opening & shutting, drawers being opened & closed, items beging dragged across the floor, unintelligible whisperings, and metal clanking ALL HAPPENED IN AN EMPTY GARAGE OF A HOME WHERE EVERYONE WAS SOUND ASLEEP AND THE CRICKETS ‘HEARD’ THEM AS WELL FOR THEY ALMOST ALWAYS GROW EERIE’LY QUIET WITH EVERY ‘MOVEMENT’ CAPTURED!]

With everyone sound asleep & I all alone, I went out to the garage to snap a few pictures, ‘talk’ to my brother while clicking record. My brother knew and would’ve expected nothing less from his ghosthunting sis! So heck yea I investigated … we need answers! (obviously he was game)

After taking pictures and ‘talking’ to him, I started another segment by leaving the recorder unchaperoned yet recording – just lying there on the workbench. Off to bed I went – I promised to stay with my mother that entire night.

I have made it though the recordings only once, I prefer listening to each segment three times to deduce validity. However, I’m adament enough to state that I’m …. BLOWN-AWAY to have so many ‘questionable’ moments in such few para-recordings! And let me tell you, I’ve endless EVP from my ghosting in the past but NONE compare to THESE tapings! So far, aside this awesome EVP, that night I also captured disembodied movements like quick gasps, draggings, wooden clinks, metal clanks … some ‘mumbling’.

All of this obtained in an empty 1-car garage!

It’s seems unbelieveable but tis true! And before you wonder … yes, I’ve plans to reinvestigate soon but next time I’ll have VIDEO in-hand as well … need to ‘SEE’ those movement EVP! *stay tuned*

But I need to close with this: I’ve heard many an EVP in my past, but NEVER has one EVER touched me nor been as ENLIGHTENING as this one! NONE OF THEM!


Hugs …


Curious when Mellen is on cable next?













It’s a ‘Booth Brothers’ December


Sunday, Dec 2 ‘Children Of The Grave’  (also starring Simply Mellen, *smiles*)

Sunday, Dec 9 ‘Spooked:Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium’

Sunday, Dec 16 ‘The Possessed’

DIRECT TV’S CHILLER CHANNEL (check local listings for exact air times)


Hugs & happy hunting …




Happy All Saint’s Day

Today is the day Heaven unleashes its best to harness & return those whose souls chose to ‘walk’ again in our realm on All Hallow’s Eve when the veil between our worlds was the at its thinnest.


Hugs & happy hunting …

Happy All Hallow’s Eve!!!!

Remember Halloween night is THE night it’s believed the veil between our worlds is at its thinnest!  So if you’re a para-enthusiast & brave enough, dust-off that ghost hunting gear & put it to good use!

(ALWAYS remember to prayer protect first!)


Hugs & happy hunting …