Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: Winchester House

The Winchester House

The mansion is located in San Jose, California and was once the home of Sarah Winchester, widow of the infamous gun making William Winchester.  Although ground-breaking for this magnanimous home started in 1884, the home was continually built upon DAILY until 1922.

Why?  Well, according to Mechanix Magazine, it all started when … [quote]:  “[William Wirt] Winchester and the baby girl died suddenly and Mrs Winchester, stunned by the tragedy, fell into a coma so serious that physicians despaired of her life. Finally she recovered and, at a friend’s suggestion, visited a medium. During a séance, according to those familiar with her story, she received a communication from her dead husband in which he said: ‘Sarah dear, if our house had not been finished, I would still be with you. I urge you now to build a home, but never let it be finished, for then you will live.’ “

Sarah immediately moved west to northern California to start her life, again.

First on Sarah’s agenda – building a home.  From that day forward Sarah’s watchful eye of the day-to-day construction of the enormous structure took flight.  She would have a task completed, have it ripped apart simply to rebuild.  Sarah strictly enforced that not one hammer stop hammering nor one break be taken; literally the construction was never-ending, workers worked 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week until Sarah’s death on September 2, 1922 – a time when construction immediately ceased.  The end result was what many refer to as a ‘Mystery’ House costing over $5.5 millions dollars (remember this was around the turn-of-the-century millions).  Although the structure stood 7-stories tall initially, an earthquake in 1906 resulted in the 4-story-home that still stands today.

This Queen Anne Style Victorian home is located at 525 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California as a tourist ‘trap’.  (pun intended – BEWARE!)

The home is renowned for the stairs leading to no where, doors opening to walls or worse, thin air yet stories up!  Many blame this obsession with continual construction on Sarah’s bouts with depression of which the medium fed.  Other believe her family was haunted from all of those who died at the hands of one of their creations – the west was ‘won’ with Winchesters!  Sarah, and others, believed their family was cursed as a result and this home wasn’t only Sarah’s but that of those souls lost at the hands of a Winchester rifle!  Sarah truly felt the home was an homage to dead.

Winchester House
Many report hearings rappings, voices from unseen bodies, images floating between doors that lead to no where, rocking chairs and other objects moving on their own, even doors opening and closing by invisible hands.

Next time you find yourself with a LOT of time on your hands while visiting the San Jose area, I hear this site is a site everyone should experience.  However, be sure to not stray away from the tour guide as you may never be found again, lost forever in the crazed maze also known as the Winchester Mansion.

Winchester House



Hugs & happy hunting …



Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: The Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel NYC, NY

The Chelsea Hotel in New York City is infamously known as a haunted site, busy with para-activity.

The hotel was built in 1884 and has been the home to many writers, artists and musicians through-out its 130-years.  And, although most who have called this building home have since passed-on, those who remain as well as their visitors still retell the stories of hearing unearthly sounds-in-the-night, being touched, unexplained happenings and seeing the ghostly images of notables such as Sid Vicious, Thomas Wolfe, Dylan Thomas, and Eugene O’Neill.

Thomas Wolfe was born on October 3, 1990 and met his Heavenly Father on September 15, 1938.  During his short visit to this realm, Mr. Wolfe wrote four lengthy novels, many shorts stories, dramas and simpler novellas.   He became very famous during his own lifetime.  Although initially the fight starting against pneumonia, Wolfe was eventually diagnosed with military tuberculosis of the brain which ultimately took his life.

Dylan Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 and died November 9, 1953.  Mr. Thomas was a renown British poet who’s reputation, which he encouraged, as a roistering, drunken and doomed poet abruptly ended his career while living in New York City.  Mr. Thomas died in room 206 after a binge.

Eugene O’Neill was an Irish American playwright who was also quite the accomplished poet.  After suffering from multiple health problems, including depression and alcoholism, Mr. O’Neill who was born on October 16, 1888 perished on November 27, 1953.  He’s late quote is said to have been, “”I knew it. I knew it. Born in a hotel room and died in a hotel room.” (the site is now the home of a dorm at Boston University which many site is haunted by the antics of a lonely, depressed, cynical deceased ghost)

On October 12, 1978 Sex Pistols’ star Sid Viscious’ girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, was found dead in room 100 after the she and Sid went on yet another crazed drug binge.  She was found lying in a pool of her own blood from a knife protruding from her side after she and Sid had been living in the hotel for a stint. Sid was arrested for murder but died of a heroin overdose before he did his time.  There is a LONG waiting list to stay in the actual room the murder took place because rumor has it multiple guests report they see Sid appear in the elevator,  phantom footsteps have been reported as following patrons, and many have been touched and pushed whilst walking in their rooms and the hallways.

Makes you pause and wonder who is behind the phantom steps heard, pushing, touching, and ghostly apparitions that haunt this site.  Could it be Sid looking for his lost love?  Or, is it the antics of a depressed poet – or two?

Just know that IF you dare to stay at the Chelsea Hotel, you may at first check-in as just one but fear naught, you’ll not be alone!


Hugs & happy hunting …


7th Annual Paranormal Meet & Greet – Hannah House, Indianapolis is TODAY!

I’m so excited and ready to have some para-fun!

Hannah House mansion

3801 Madison Ave
Indianapolis, IN

noon – 4:00p

Family-friendly, FREE event!

Be there or be square!

Hugs & happy hunting …


P.S.:  Immediately following the event, on the Hannah grounds, will be a ‘Para Pow-Wow’ where you’ll hear insight from speakers – so bring a chair or blankie.  THEN, it’s the after party at the nearby FOP off Shelby Street to celebrate our ‘coming together as one’!

Para-Community sicknesses: could it be easily explained by …. ?

It has been bothering me the past few years how so many people in the para-industry have been either struck down by injury, grown seriously ill, or literally passed-on!  Most of those in the paranormal who investigate paranormal activity are fairly young – statistically it just doesn’t seem normal!  Nor does it when considering the para-community’s size when counting the heart attacks, cancers, strokes, maniac depression, life threatening illnesses, even suicides!

So why is that – paranormal related or is it simply cases of happenstance?

Those are the first things that used to cross through my mind; however, that stopped after I attended the lecture given by David Rountree during the 2013 Mid-South Paranormal Convention.

I’m not quite the scientist Mr. Rountree is so bear with me and my vague terms.  [or feel free to do a simple internet search; I’m sure Mr. Rountree has many sites expressing his testing techniques.]

My Rountree spoke of how all sorts of invisible fields – magnetic, micro, nuclear, radioactive – are being detected and measured during paranormal happenings.  How these levels come together with emissions of-the-charts during a ‘para experience’. 

Although he left his findings there, as his point is to prove more than just generic ‘energy’ is detected during a ‘haunting’, which he made quite convincingly; however, he fueled my mind!  I couldn’t help but stray to those memories of para-friends who’ve been stricken down by a stroke, cancer, burying a friend from a heart attack or even the suicide of my brother!

What if many of these ailments we are witnessing within the para-community are happenings from the fact that we go looking for activity therefore each time are exposing our beings to dangerous levels of toxins well known as harmful to the human body?!

Even my brother committing suicide BUT he did so in a home that was notoriously haunted so much so, finding a baby sitter proved to be a daunting task.  Same home where the renter who lived just prior grew ill within weeks of moving in, increasing so to the point they passed-on just prior to signing a second year’s lease!  Same home where I lived when actively ghost hunting and possibly bringing home unseen ‘friends’!  Coincidences?  Maybe but remember, always keep an open mind!

Not that we didn’t have good reason to worry considering the amount of para-peeps afflicted; now, maybe this gives us tangible reason to truly be afraid!  And, the more we’re going out ‘in search of’ and then find, the more danger we’re putting ourselves in!  

I also worry for those who DON’T go looking yet are struggling to cope with para-activity in their homes – and what they are being exposed to daily!

See, Mr. Rountree didn’t realize his detecting disturbance within the immediate atmosphere during para activity didn’t stop there; for me, his lecture opened yet another Pandora’s Box!

Another reason why – maybe we should NOT being doing this as it’s not ‘just’ a hobby!


Hugs & happy hunting …


I saw the signs & they’ve opened-up my eyes!

Do you believe in signs?

I do!

Most, if not all, appear when you’re NOT asking but on your mind is a thought or worry or wonderment.

Today would’ve been my sister’s 55th birthday but she was ripped away from us 6-years ago.  All day I was convincing myself to ‘let her go’ but tis easier said than done for she was VERY close to my sons, especially my oldest – he was her ‘Valentine’.  And it wouldn’t be a family get-together without a sign of her presence.  Oh we’ve seen the oddest-of-signs from her name on a cheerleading jersey en route to canoeing, her name on the back of a person’s t-shirt at my son’s birthday dinner, or her nickname (‘Aunt Ahhh’) appearing on stores signs, commercial ads or mostly license plates.  Heck, just yesterday as my son and I were getting his college schedule and picking-out his books we returned to find a car parked next to mine with the license plate of ‘Ah’.   (even made my son pause and smile)

Last night as I tried to sleep I was awakened every 2-hours like clock work by a ‘kiss’ on my cheek.  Literally, like what you’d assume an ‘angel’ kiss would feel like but not as light.  At first I thought our dog had decided to give me an unusual good night kiss but I quickly stirred to find nothing there so I went back to sleep.  Then two-hours later it happened again – nothing there, back to sleep.  Then again two-hours later, nothing there, back to sleep!  Continued until I finally gave-up and stayed up.  Not citing this was proof of the paranormal but at this point in my life I’ve nothing to prove to anyone so I am citing I’m certain my sister or something of good nature was toying with me to help me through this tough day!  (and it did for even now, writing about it, has me smiling even now)

Also, as the day progressed and while my mind was on things such as laundry, lunch, work, I’d glance over to catch the time.  EVERY SINGLE TIME I was drawn to the clock was when numbers that are supposed to mean something were appearing – in other words, they’re considered signs to believers.

Snagging from one of my favorite ‘numbers & their spiritual meanings’ website (  :

222:  This is a sign of confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction.  Continue with this train of thought.

234:  If you are repeatedly seeing ascending number sequences such as 1234, this is a sign from your Spirit Guides that these are progressive thoughts.  You will see this sign when thinking about an area of your life that you are concerned about and want to change, or thinking about a particular subject.  Seeing this number sequence immediately after these thoughts is a sign that your thoughts are progressive; your life will progress by following these thoughts and you will have your Spirit Guides support in its pursuit.

333:  This sign indicates that your Spirit Guides agree with your thoughts and feelings and could be interpreted as a Cosmic ‘Yes!’ to questions you have asked or ideas you may have.

555:  When you see this sign a life changing thought or event has just occurred. You may not like it, or you may. Whatever the case your Spirit Guides are notifying you that a change in your life path direction has just occurred and it is time for you to change too.  Move with it, follow these thoughts.

Although I had a few moments, overall the day was an easier one than her past 5 birthdays.

With all of today’s signs & last night’s ‘kisses’, I believe Roxanne AND my spirit guides want me to let her go, accept she’s no longer in human form but she’s around me.  No, I’VE NO DOUBT because signs don’t lie!


Hugs & happy hunting …



Happy 55th Birthday Roxanne!


My one-&-ONLY sister, 

Roxanne (Kolvet) Hutchings

7/24/1958 – 7/6/2007


Roxanne & me 1989


7/24/2013 UPDATE:  Happy 55th birthday Roxanne!

7/6/2013 UPDATE:  losing her hasn’t gotten any easier yet it has been 6-years today!  I miss her AS much at this very moment as I have every day since she passed.  Not one day, not one single day, goes by she doesn’t creep into my thoughts and a tear shed – not one day!



Hugs …


Emotional Rollercoaster: Another what if, just what if?

I lie in bed, yet sleep escapes me.  My mind I cannot stop.  It’s filled with worry, wonderment, and fear.  My heart divided.  It’s been so long since I last penned an entry in this series – I guess I haven’t ‘survived’ suicide just yet!

Changes are occurring that are beyond my control!

Monday the home where my brother hung himself, the home where he spoke to me from ‘beyond the grave’ mentioning me by name as if reaching-out to me for help a mere few hours after his death, now the home where almost 2-years later he still speaks as if reaching out to me, this home will be sold.  I will never have access to it again.  No chance to ‘talk’.  No chance to say more good-byes.  A ‘finale’ so to speak!

Although my latest taping session from within the home was not but a day ago, a mere 11:11-minutes in length was all it took for within the first 1:06 of those minutes, once again a voice can be heard speaking his name, “Robbie”!

Why am I worried, in wonderment yet in fear?

Worry – worry for my brother whose soul may be ‘trapped’ within that small one-car garage and think how long ‘eternity’ is!

Wonderment – wondering as a Christian I MUST help him!  I’ve never been a fan of ‘spiritual house cleansing’ for to be ‘left behind’ was a divine decision was my excuse – and what am I but a simple human, tis no match to undermine a divine decision.  Yet I pause and remind myself how perfect God is and how much faith I have in Him!  How, I know, He would not ever allow something to be!  God would not give us the power-of-prayer if He did not want us to assist ‘lost souls’ in need.  Right?

Fear – fearing the ‘what ifs’.  What if … I’m wrong and whoever is speaking to my recorder is NOT my brother?  What if … I’m wrong and God is testing our faith by giving us the means but hoping we choose to not?  What if … my brother’s spirit is there and I put it in more jeopardy?  What if … I’m right, where then will my brother’s soul go?

Yet my BIGGEST fear is … the idea of my doing nothing!

I have already arranged for a reputable paranormal group to come into the home in the next few days.  *Stay tuned*

Hey!  Hug your loved ones!  TRUST ME – you NEVER know when they could be ripped away from you in a split second!


Hugs & happy hunting …