Avon High School’s 2014 Lip Dup: Proud Parent Moment

They won all the money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital!

Although my son cannot be seen:  when Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit & Tie’ starts (around the 4:20 mark).  You’ll see 3 seniors dancing in their (show choir) white & black suits when in the background 2 boys are tossed into the air as a ballet dancer would be.  MY SON IS ONE WHO IS TOSSING ONE OF THE BOYS UP!

I’m VERY proud of not only the Avon High School Student Council for arranging this VERY detailed filming but also of the ENTIRE AHS’ student body for doing such a WONDERFUL job!  It was filmed in one LONG take … while the students HAD to remain silent (a feat in its own right).  *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

Not only has the LOCAL news stations covered this work-of-art BUT I hear that it’s going national (ABC).

I’m awful adding links to videos here, so here’s the link you’ll have to cut&paste though jumping you to Perez Hilton’s website where he gives a glowing accolade in our regard AND links you to the LipDup (which lives on YouTube):

http://perezhilton.com/perezitos/2014-04-16-avon-high-school-epic-lip-dub-helps-children-hospital .
Hugs & Happy Hunting …



Filming & Breaking through Paranormal Borders: On the Set


The day was an experience I’ll NEVER forget.  Not only do I have a new-found respect for ‘extras’ who are TRULY the ‘meat & taters’ stars, but I’m now in-love with my furnace (as this endless Indiana winter reared its brutal ugly head again that day).

I’m still very grateful, humbled and honored to be part of such a professional LARGE group of individuals; even the A&E crew were gems!

Just a few of the memories:

On_the_set_4[1] On_the_set_5[1]

I shall keep you posted as to when the Zappos ‘villains vs. good guy’ commercial airs as well as when this commercial is featured on their A&E  reality series (mid-summer).
Hugs & Happy Hunting …


Filming & Breaking through ‘Paranormal’ Borders

Gold Star

We film tomorrow!


I received word I was chosen by the Casting Director to be one of several privileged individuals to be part of a commercial’s cast promoting a prominent company.**

Shockingly in addition to hearing I made the final cut for their commercial, I was also informed we’re going to be a part of their reality show filming.  Tis a ‘behind-the-scenes’ creation slated to air in June of 2014 on A&E Television(c).

Of course I’m excited; however, I’m also honored, blessed and quite humbled to be working with such a creative, imaginative, and gifted group-of-professionals!

I shall keep y’all posted as to when their show & commercial debut – or, you can simply join their mailing list directly at www.herbertbrothers.com.

Hugs & happy hunting …


**due to confidentiality reasons, this vague data is all I can reveal in regard to my involvement at this time

More data was published in the Greensburg Daily News prior to the filming (‘cut & paste’ version, sorry – too tired from filming today to figure-out why it won’t let me add another link, d’oh):


Dreamed of You Last Night

I dreamed of you last night and ‘sense’ VERY strongly that you’re in distress!

Despite not seeing nor talking for years, I was with you visiting and we were catching-up (making amends?)  I remember you weren’t happy.  You had a filled house (not just family).  There were babies, pregnancies and potential adoptions involved.  A room with a circular couch was prominent.  You were not at all happy about going to work in a Denny’s uniform.

Unsure what any of this means; but IF you’re reading this, IF it applies, and IF you need me, I’m always but a phone call away (as my cell phone number has never changed).

Peace …

Nan Nan

[I do not care that I promised to not post again in your regard – the dream upset me and I felt it was my calling to compose & post this.  Please do not take it ‘wrong’ (as you did the returning of your ring)!]

HERE’S TO 2014 – MY Year!

And I hope you make it YOUR year too — seize it, embrace it and fill it with nothing but positivity!  JUST DO IT!


#HugsAndHappyHunting …


Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: Ohio State Reformatory

With its towering, stone façade and secure iron-gated sprawling grounds, the Ohio State Reformatory leaves no room for any imaginative thoughts by passersby debating if it’s a host to a rich history – a history well over a century old, echoes resounding down its now deserted depilated halls. This chataeuesque structure’s renowned reputation reached far from the small town of Mansfield, Ohio where it stands as movie producers and powers-that-be multiple times recognized its beauty and used the site to film such movies as, ‘Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Air Force One’. The remnants left behind along-the-way aren’t just movie props and pieces of misfit, forgotten furniture but also reverberations of memories seared in time as well as ‘feelings’ from prisoners, workers, and victims who passed thru the halls years and years ago! A history filled with the usual that comes from caging the most heinous-of-criminals, but added are suicides, successful escapes that lead to the murder of a group of people in a nearby cornfield, a warden’s wife ‘accidentally’ dying from a single gun shot to her head deemed an accident blaming a shelf in the closet despite rumor had told a totally different story.

But the Ohio State Reformatory wasn’t only just a state-of-art, uniquely architectural marvel for the 1890s with a history; its the ideals of those who lead the prison toward reformation which made it stand out in its community. Their unique, fresh approach MAY be what now drives thousands to the prison paying simply to stay beneath its roof for one night over a century later.

What was this prison designed around – spiritual reformation.

The staff was taught – spiritual reformation.

The building was built to accommodate – spiritual reformation; with an ornate chapel built inside within its walls. Officials mandated all inmates were to worship regularly, ALL inmates!

Was it this approach, forced spiritual reformation, which has possibly opened portals within these walls, doors to the paranormal? Well, they not only built a spiritual temple but forced the most vile to ‘worship’ at its alter! Sounds toxic to this chick!

Yep, I’ll confess, I’ve paid to visit this site on numerous occasions as to investigate and NEVER have I left disappointed or empty-handed either. The EVP from this place – off the charts!

Each time I visited we had to check-in and quickly were taken on a quick tour of the magnanimous structure for sun went down, so did all of the lighting. There are endless walls peeling their paint, cells in disarray, floors showered with debris and droppings from years of wear & tear. Almost every barred window has had their glass shattered out. [proof that when this prison closed its doors in the 1990s, it did just that – closed the doors and no one ever looked back!]

When the tour is over, you’ve freedom to roam the halls until sun-up.

First stop, the chapel: now a shell of its former self, yet has deemed to be a hot spot for paranormal activity.

EVP from the Chapel: “the bathroom” (version slightly altered)

EVP from the THE CHAPEL: “the bathroom” (VERY slowed down)<

EVP from the THE CHAPEL: “criminal” (unaltered)

Next stop, through the halls and into the ‘Hole’ as to sit alone for an hour with a candle lit sitting in the cell where a cellmate once committed suicide by dowsing himself with paint thinner and igniting himself with a match.

EVP from THE SOLITARY, aka HOLE: “flash burn” (slightly altered)

Off to my last and favorite spot, the Warden’s quarters – not simply because it’s a MAJOR hot spot for paranormal activity but also because it was one of the few spots renovated for the filming.

EVP from THE WARDEN’S QUARTERS: “to see the warden” (unaltered)

Oh and if you you dare visit, remember bats use radar so when one comes flying straight at you, DON’T MOVE AN INCH!






Hugs & happy hunting …



P.S.:  Initially posted in October 26, 2011 – bumping-up.

Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: LaLaurie Mansion


Be aware and beware – this is a non-fictional account so it’s not folklore … nor is it hearsay … nor is it all some urban legend …. nor is it a story for the faint-of-heart!

LaLaurie In 1832 when the well-educated wealthy Creole socialite widow, 57-year-old Delphine LaLaurie, re-married, the mansion along with its slave quarters and statuesque Italianate facade was built.  The mansion hosted many parties to the upper-crest echelon of the New Olreans’ society who while in attendance at the grand events were served the finest-of-delicacy on the best china and silver one had ever seen.  Despite the droves of people to come through the mansion’s doors over the years, few knew what really took place behind the walls of 1140 Royal Street.

It was well-known that the LaLaurie family kept slaves; however it was the treatment of said slaves that set this family apart. Although in public they were respectful to people of color, behind closed doors it couldn’t have been further than the truth!  Stories of blood, horror, terror and brutality were whispered in the shadows!  The media back in the early 1800s reported many locals were aware of the torture bestowed on the slaves specifically from Madame LaLaurie.

Once a visiting reporter stayed with the LaLaurie family simply to return home to describe the LaLaurie’s slaves’ appearances as “singularly haggard and wretched” [looking], how the kitchen slave was chained to the stove and how Madame LaLaurie would beat her daughters when they attempted to feed and treat the slaves.  Widespread gossip sprung from the visit; telling of the brutal treatment of slaves within those walls captured the attention of local law enforcement that sent a local ‘lawyer’ to the home to investigate. Despite no evidence of mistreatment was uncovered during the visit, her report told more tales to support the claims which weren’t as easy to dismiss.  During her short stay at the mansion, one of the LaLaurie neighbors shared the tale of witnessing a 14-year-old slave leaping to her death in order to avoid punishment for accidentally pulling on a snag while brushing the Madame’s hair.  Fearing the wrath of whip once again, this young child leapt to her death from the top floor of the mansion.  Rumor had it the body of the 14-year-old slave was quietly buried somewhere on the mansion’s grounds.  Again, the incident sparked the interest of local law enforcement.  This time their investigation lead to the LaLauries being charge and found guilty of ‘illegal cruelty’ and were forced to ‘hand-over’ all of their slaves – nine total.  The respite didn’t last long though.  One of the LaLaurie relatives finagled their way and saw the slaves returned to the mansion and once again in the care of Madame LaLaurie.

By luck all of Madame LaLaurie’s secrets were blown wide-open on April 11, 1834 when a fire broke-out within the mansion. It was then when local law enforcement and firefighters entered the property and discovered the 70-year-old cook slave chained to the stove.  It was this BRAVE slave who admitted to setting the fire in an attempt to commit suicide out of fear of Madame LaLaurie’s wrath.  Fearing she too would be taken to the upper-most rooms of the mansion – rooms where she witnessed many slaves taken, rooms from where screams echoed through-out the home were born, cries for help by slaves who were never to be seen again!

Once inside the home firefighters reported finding dozens-of-slaves chained to the walls in the attic; some slaves were still in cages with endless body parts strewn as evidence of Madame LaLaurie’s ‘experiments’.   So it was no surprise when after the locals busted into the slave quarters with hopes to save a soul or two, they found more slaves being held captive.  A total of seven slaves were found; some mutilated, others hanging by their necks with their limbs stretched so far they were pulled from their bodies.  Not all of the brutalized slaves were dead though; one male had been kept tied-up, beaten, and a prisoner for months; another, a young female, was found unable to move from being bound by an iron collar; and an elderly woman, who had received such a deep wound on her head would she was left crumpled upon the floor no longer able to walk.

LaLaurieIt wasn’t long before word of torture made its way through the streets of New Orleans.  Mobs of angered citizens attacked the mansion and destroying everything in their wake; even the sheriff arrived too late to save the integrity of the building – all that was left were the walls.

After the findings of skeletal remains buried with the mansion grounds, even those belonging to a young girl, tales of macabre mutilations, slaves crying-out begging to be put out of their pain and misery from the monstrous and insane experiments carried upon them on by Madame LaLaurie were spreading through-out the community faster that wild fire!  The city was in shock and was unable to comprehend such evil doings.  The tortured slaves who had survived were taken to jail so that the evidence of the brutality they had to endure could be made for public display; over 4,000 individuals stopped to catch sight of the heinous doings of the hands of their ‘beloved’ Madame LaLaurie.


The local law enforcement couldn’t calm the masses who called for Madame LaLaurie to be immediately brought to justice.  However, Madama LaLaurie had a different plan – and, it was too late – she had taken flight using her horse and buggy during the flurry of insanity the night of the fateful fire!  She was never found nor held accountable.

Rumor has it that she and her husband fled and simply lived across Lake Pontchartrain while other rumors were fueled with tales of the two returning to France although a headstone was later erected in St. Louis Cemetery No 1. bearing the name of Madama LaLaurie’s citing she perished the night of the fire.   A truth we will never know!


LaLaurie MansionEventually the brave came forward and then the mansion changed ownership many times over the 150+-year period – including the hands of actor, Nicholas Cage.  Over the years it has been home to a saloon, girls’ school, music conservatory, used as an apartment building and also a furniture store.  Despite who was housed on the grounds, stories of visions of ghostly images have been shared by many throughout the years.  Many report seeing the image of a young slave girl fleeing across the roof of the mansion.  Others have reported hearing disembodied shrieking, loud, paining screams coming from the unseen.  One person even reported not only seeing a chained, large black man, but cites he was attacked by the entity while on a stairwell –  just for the apparition to disappear as quickly as it appeared!  These happenings became so prominent many who tried staying within the walls fled after a mere few days.  The bar, aptly named ‘The Haunted Saloon’, kept a journal of the events that took place since they were so becoming so commonplace.  And, the furniture quickly store closed its doors after the owner stayed a night in the store to rule-out foul play after personally enduring unexplained foul smells and finding puddles just to witness a puddle of liquid from nowhere take form in plain sight.  Purportedly, animals have been found unexplainably butchered after being brutalized.  And, a turn-of-the-century couple who tried to call the mansion home reported their children being chased with a whip and witnessing Madame LaLaurie hovering over their infant.  Over the years one single window has stayed boarded-up – still boarded to this day – the same one used by the frightened 14-year-old girl who used it to commit suicide.

Although the building still stands today, many who pass-by the structure report to take ‘ill’ or feel sick while in its presence while telling tales of hearing screams coming from inside the mansion.

But, the home is now a private residence and those who own it deny any ‘ghostly’ activity; however, recent renovations have unearthed graves hidden underneath the wooden floor of the home.  The skeletons apparently date from the time of the LaLaurie horrors.  So deduce what you desire but remember, ‘bones don’t lie’!



Hugs & happy hunting …


Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: Stanley Hotel

Stanley HotelOpening for business on July 4, 1909, this 104-room Neo-Georgian hotel in Estes Park, Colorado overlooking the Rockies built by inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley became a mecca for the rich and famous. A few of the notables who enjoyed a relaxing stay included the RMS Titantic survivor Margaret Brown, composer John Philip Sousa, US President Theodore Roosevelt, as well as the Emperor and Empress of Japan. The structure was also the inspiration and filming spot of the infamous Stephen King novel & film adaption as well as the television series sharing the title of ‘The Shining’ after Mr. King stayed at the hotel in room 217. (Proudly to this day, the movie, ‘The Shining’, is continually played, looped as you may call it, on channel 42 in all of its guest rooms.) And although this resort is commonly booked-full during ‘season’ with pay guests and para-seekers, as ‘The Shining’ implies tis never without a few ‘other’ guests as well! The ShiningSome of the ghostly happenings have included … Mr. Stanley being spotted nearby the offices as if he never truly rested from working. At the bottom of main stair and billiard room both Mr. & Mrs. Stanley still appear to welcome guests, always dressed in their finest as Mrs. Stanley’s beautiful piano playing echoes through the vast halls from the ballroom. The Earl of Dunraven, the previous owner of the land on which this fine hotel was built, is said to also haunt room 407. The mysterious aroma of a pipe filled with cherry-tobacco fills the room according to patrons. Endless staff and guests alike have reported hearing ghostly voices and footsteps down the endless halls, endured their hands being touched as well as their clothing tugged upon, and several guests have complained to have found blankets taken from them then folded neatly while they slept. But it’s the ghost of small children which really peaks the interests and heart strings of those who patronize or work at the Stanley! Room 217, where Stephen King stayed and was inspired to compose ‘The Shining’, was also the site of an accident which almost took the life of housekeeper, Elizabeth Wilson, when a slow gas leak almost killed her. It wasn’t until after death in the mid-1950s when strange happenings within this room was reported by not-so-lucky guests who lost sleep due to doors slamming, lights turnings off & on all by unseen hands. Room 217Purportedly, though, room 418 is considered the most active of the haunted hotel, by staff and guests. At night, images of phantom children have been heard as they play in the halls leading to this room. The impressions of bodies, as if someone laid on room 418’s bed prior to guests checking-in, is a regular occurrence reported. But it’s the ghost of a small child who has been seen and heard calling-out for its nanny which leaves many frozen in fear! The Shanley is still open-to-the-public; especially embracing its para-history – proudly telling the ghostly tales with over-night guests who dare stay even just one night. So should you have the courage to do the same, don’t be shy – you never know who you may meet during your stay – Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, a maid bound to her beloved job, or a few fun-seeking children playing a trick or two, on you! Remember, what ‘happens at the Stanley, stays at the Stanley‘ so even though you may be staying with ‘friends’, they’ll remain within the walls of this fine hotel awaiting your return! Enjoy, m’brave ones! Happy Halloween!   Hugs & happy hunting … Mellen