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  • Need your Mellen fix? Order your copy of ‘Paranoia’ today!

    Be sure to order your copy of ‘Paranoia‘ today and get y’er Mellen fix on!  SPOOKED TELEVISION’s – ‘Paranoia’ 
    (or via: )


    Hugs & Happy Hunting …



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  • Shout-Out to My Para-BFFs

    MelancholyI have met a lot of para-peeps over the years, many I still call dear friends.  But, today I feel quite melancholy at the thought.  Yesterday left me sad feels like I am just awakening the day after graduating, realizing the past is gone …  leaving me nostalgic, vacant and sad.  I am learning to accept that time stops for no one, life takes us all in different directions so the friendships we forge along the way are fleeting so we’re to  embrace them.  I just wanted to tell y’all that I will treasure our friendship & the fun memories, scary and all, forever.  I am sincerely thankful for each & every one of you, more than words can convey!

    Here’s to our paths one day crossing again!

    Hugs & Happy Hunting …


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  • You did not just post that!


    Although we live in a free country with a constitution protecting our freedom of speech it doesn’t mean we are truly free to speak. Our government is NOT what truly suppresses us, society does!

    We live in an age where bullies are applauded, respected, supported, and even rewarded. But if our words are sincere, honest and heartfelt we are shunned, frowned upon, ridiculed and even to blame. I’m witnessing evil doers, whom we may even love, who cannot tell a truth if their life depended upon it, being hailed by hoards and showered with gifts of sympathy.

    Also, I read a post not long ago whereas some were disappointed I wasn’t dead yet. Worse, folks clicked ‘Like’ in support of such hate. I can assure you I haven’t a kindred love for everyone either but I’d NEVER wish a person dead nor EVER support someone who spewed such.

    I’ve watched folks reap happiness from the pain they purposely plotted to cause. I’ve witnessed egos inflate as the sadness was made apparent. I’m convinced tears are their trophy.

    I’m angry, life is simply cruel and I find myself burying my love & kindness with hopes to protect myself as the devil truly does rule this planet. And, yep, daily I’m praying for miracles and continually striving to grow with God while learning how truly patient I reeeeeeeally am!

    Ask yourself, “so, who have YOU passed judgment upon lately? ”

    Hugs …


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  • Filming: Zappos Commercial RELEASED – I made the final cut!

    **It’s true, it’s true – look, look!**

    Me as a bystander as the Zappos' hero rushes by me.

    Me as a bystander as the Zappos’ hero rushes by me.

    Watched the final commercial several times and we’ve spied me in this VERY fast-paced commercial at least 4-times already.  YAY – I didn’t wind-up on the editing floor!  #WhompWhomp

    Whatta day it was – I watched some very entertaining, creative, talented & professional crew-of-brothers film.  Tis fascinating how all of those takes came together as they did to birth this commercial masterpiece – baffling, like magic.

    Okay, logistics – as I’m sure you’re dying to know.  *w*  The commercial will be airing shortly.  Sadly, I do not know as to which channels it will be on nor the exact air date,  However, with us being in winter attire in the commercial factored with Christmastime decor already in stores, I think I’d be safe to assume it’ll be airing on TVs nationwide VERY soon so be sure to keep-on the look-out!

    I want to, once again, express how thankful and honored I was to be chosen to partake in the filming.  Not only did I get to ‘work my craft’, but I met a lot of nice people.  It was most definitely an adventure-of-a-day.

    And, a VERY special thank you out to … The Herbert Brothers,, and Patty Bamber whose filming, awesome customer service and talented photography gave me a memory I shall never forget!  I’d be humbled to work beside any of you again – truly humbled.

    Hugs …


    ZAPPOS’ COMMERCIAL (I appear at the:  00:05, 00:07, and 00:09 – 00:11 marks)

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  • Moment of Silence: Miss’n My Sis

    7-years ago, sometime between now and 4:30pm, my sister was called Home.

    In Memory of my sister, Roxanne Hutchings

    7/24/1958 – 7/6/2007

    Roxanne & Britttany

    Roxanne & Britttany

    Roxanne & Sara

    Roxanne & Sara

    Roxanne & Me cruisin'

    Roxanne & Me cruisin’

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  • WATCH-OUT DISNEYLAND: Mellen is heading your way

    Disneyland Here Comes Mellen

    Excited about another ‘been there, done that‘ and this time it’s gonna be Disneyland!  I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting that park nor Anaheim.

    Although I’ll be working an education conference, my evenings after 6-7 will be free.  I’ve purchased 2-Twilight Passes (4-hour visits) and am READY to ‘do’ Disney all I can.

    Any of y’all from that area who may want to hook-up between 10/4 – 10/8/2014 (I fly-out afternoon of the 8th though), hit me up here w/a message, or via FaceBook, or as I’D LOVE TO SEE YA and have someone who knows Disney show me Disney!  :-)

    Super excited!

    Hugs & happy hunting …


    PS:   Hmm, now to see if there are any reports of ‘unexplained’ activity at Disneyland – tis the para-chick in me.  :-)

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  • Avon High School’s 2014 Lip Dup: Proud Parent Moment

    They won all the money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital!

    Although my son cannot be seen:  when Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit & Tie’ starts (around the 4:20 mark).  You’ll see 3 seniors dancing in their (show choir) white & black suits when in the background 2 boys are tossed into the air as a ballet dancer would be.  MY SON IS ONE WHO IS TOSSING ONE OF THE BOYS UP!

    I’m VERY proud of not only the Avon High School Student Council for arranging this VERY detailed filming but also of the ENTIRE AHS’ student body for doing such a WONDERFUL job!  It was filmed in one LONG take … while the students HAD to remain silent (a feat in its own right).  *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

    Not only has the LOCAL news stations covered this work-of-art BUT I hear that it’s going national (ABC).

    I’m awful adding links to videos here, so here’s the link you’ll have to cut&paste though jumping you to Perez Hilton’s website where he gives a glowing accolade in our regard AND links you to the LipDup (which lives on YouTube): .
    Hugs & Happy Hunting …


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  • Filming & Breaking through Paranormal Borders: On the Set


    The day was an experience I’ll NEVER forget.  Not only do I have a new-found respect for ‘extras’ who are TRULY the ‘meat & taters’ stars, but I’m now in-love with my furnace (as this endless Indiana winter reared its brutal ugly head again that day).

    I’m still very grateful, humbled and honored to be part of such a professional LARGE group of individuals; even the A&E crew were gems!

    Just a few of the memories:

    On_the_set_3[1] On_the_set_4[1] On_the_set_5[1]

    I shall keep you posted as to when the Zappos ‘villains vs. good guy’ commercial airs as well as when this commercial is featured on their A&E  reality series (mid-summer).
    Hugs & Happy Hunting …


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  • Filming & Breaking through ‘Paranormal’ Borders

    Gold Star

    We film tomorrow!


    I received word I was chosen by the Casting Director to be one of several privileged individuals to be part of a commercial’s cast promoting a prominent company.**

    Shockingly in addition to hearing I made the final cut for their commercial, I was also informed we’re going to be a part of their reality show filming.  Tis a ‘behind-the-scenes’ creation slated to air in June of 2014 on A&E Television(c).

    Of course I’m excited; however, I’m also honored, blessed and quite humbled to be working with such a creative, imaginative, and gifted group-of-professionals!

    I shall keep y’all posted as to when their show & commercial debut – or, you can simply join their mailing list directly at

    Hugs & happy hunting …


    **due to confidentiality reasons, this vague data is all I can reveal in regard to my involvement at this time

    More data was published in the Greensburg Daily News prior to the filming (‘cut & paste’ version, sorry – too tired from filming today to figure-out why it won’t let me add another link, d’oh):


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  • Dreamed of You Last Night

    I dreamed of you last night and ‘sense’ VERY strongly that you’re in distress!

    Despite not seeing nor talking for years, I was with you visiting and we were catching-up (making amends?)  I remember you weren’t happy.  You had a filled house (not just family).  There were babies, pregnancies and potential adoptions involved.  A room with a circular couch was prominent.  You were not at all happy about going to work in a Denny’s uniform.

    Unsure what any of this means; but IF you’re reading this, IF it applies, and IF you need me, I’m always but a phone call away (as my cell phone number has never changed).

    Peace …

    Nan Nan

    [I do not care that I promised to not post again in your regard – the dream upset me and I felt it was my calling to compose & post this.  Please do not take it ‘wrong’ (as you did the returning of your ring)!]

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  • HERE’S TO 2014 – MY Year!

    And I hope you make it YOUR year too — seize it, embrace it and fill it with nothing but positivity!  JUST DO IT!


    #HugsAndHappyHunting …


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    Happy Thanksgiving


    #HugsandHappyHunting …


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  • Mellen’s Halloween ‘Fun’: LaLaurie Mansion


    Be aware and beware – this is a non-fictional account so it’s not folklore … nor is it hearsay … nor is it all some urban legend …. nor is it a story for the faint-of-heart!

    LaLaurie In 1832 when the well-educated wealthy Creole socialite widow, 57-year-old Delphine LaLaurie, re-married, the mansion along with its slave quarters and statuesque Italianate facade was built.  The mansion hosted many parties to the upper-crest echelon of the New Olreans’ society who while in attendance at the grand events were served the finest-of-delicacy on the best china and silver one had ever seen.  Despite the droves of people to come through the mansion’s doors over the years, few knew what really took place behind the walls of 1140 Royal Street.

    It was well-known that the LaLaurie family kept slaves; however it was the treatment of said slaves that set this family apart. Although in public they were respectful to people of color, behind closed doors it couldn’t have been further than the truth!  Stories of blood, horror, terror and brutality were whispered in the shadows!  The media back in the early 1800s reported many locals were aware of the torture bestowed on the slaves specifically from Madame LaLaurie.

    Once a visiting reporter stayed with the LaLaurie family simply to return home to describe the LaLaurie’s slaves’ appearances as “singularly haggard and wretched” [looking], how the kitchen slave was chained to the stove and how Madame LaLaurie would beat her daughters when they attempted to feed and treat the slaves.  Widespread gossip sprung from the visit; telling of the brutal treatment of slaves within those walls captured the attention of local law enforcement that sent a local ‘lawyer’ to the home to investigate. Despite no evidence of mistreatment was uncovered during the visit, her report told more tales to support the claims which weren’t as easy to dismiss.  During her short stay at the mansion, one of the LaLaurie neighbors shared the tale of witnessing a 14-year-old slave leaping to her death in order to avoid punishment for accidentally pulling on a snag while brushing the Madame’s hair.  Fearing the wrath of whip once again, this young child leapt to her death from the top floor of the mansion.  Rumor had it the body of the 14-year-old slave was quietly buried somewhere on the mansion’s grounds.  Again, the incident sparked the interest of local law enforcement.  This time their investigation lead to the LaLauries being charge and found guilty of ‘illegal cruelty’ and were forced to ‘hand-over’ all of their slaves – nine total.  The respite didn’t last long though.  One of the LaLaurie relatives finagled their way and saw the slaves returned to the mansion and once again in the care of Madame LaLaurie.

    By luck all of Madame LaLaurie’s secrets were blown wide-open on April 11, 1834 when a fire broke-out within the mansion. It was then when local law enforcement and firefighters entered the property and discovered the 70-year-old cook slave chained to the stove.  It was this BRAVE slave who admitted to setting the fire in an attempt to commit suicide out of fear of Madame LaLaurie’s wrath.  Fearing she too would be taken to the upper-most rooms of the mansion – rooms where she witnessed many slaves taken, rooms from where screams echoed through-out the home were born, cries for help by slaves who were never to be seen again!

    Once inside the home firefighters reported finding dozens-of-slaves chained to the walls in the attic; some slaves were still in cages with endless body parts strewn as evidence of Madame LaLaurie’s ‘experiments’.   So it was no surprise when after the locals busted into the slave quarters with hopes to save a soul or two, they found more slaves being held captive.  A total of seven slaves were found; some mutilated, others hanging by their necks with their limbs stretched so far they were pulled from their bodies.  Not all of the brutalized slaves were dead though; one male had been kept tied-up, beaten, and a prisoner for months; another, a young female, was found unable to move from being bound by an iron collar; and an elderly woman, who had received such a deep wound on her head would she was left crumpled upon the floor no longer able to walk.

    LaLaurieIt wasn’t long before word of torture made its way through the streets of New Orleans.  Mobs of angered citizens attacked the mansion and destroying everything in their wake; even the sheriff arrived too late to save the integrity of the building – all that was left were the walls.

    After the findings of skeletal remains buried with the mansion grounds, even those belonging to a young girl, tales of macabre mutilations, slaves crying-out begging to be put out of their pain and misery from the monstrous and insane experiments carried upon them on by Madame LaLaurie were spreading through-out the community faster that wild fire!  The city was in shock and was unable to comprehend such evil doings.  The tortured slaves who had survived were taken to jail so that the evidence of the brutality they had to endure could be made for public display; over 4,000 individuals stopped to catch sight of the heinous doings of the hands of their ‘beloved’ Madame LaLaurie.


    The local law enforcement couldn’t calm the masses who called for Madame LaLaurie to be immediately brought to justice.  However, Madama LaLaurie had a different plan – and, it was too late – she had taken flight using her horse and buggy during the flurry of insanity the night of the fateful fire!  She was never found nor held accountable.

    Rumor has it that she and her husband fled and simply lived across Lake Pontchartrain while other rumors were fueled with tales of the two returning to France although a headstone was later erected in St. Louis Cemetery No 1. bearing the name of Madama LaLaurie’s citing she perished the night of the fire.   A truth we will never know!


    LaLaurie MansionEventually the brave came forward and then the mansion changed ownership many times over the 150+-year period – including the hands of actor, Nicholas Cage.  Over the years it has been home to a saloon, girls’ school, music conservatory, used as an apartment building and also a furniture store.  Despite who was housed on the grounds, stories of visions of ghostly images have been shared by many throughout the years.  Many report seeing the image of a young slave girl fleeing across the roof of the mansion.  Others have reported hearing disembodied shrieking, loud, paining screams coming from the unseen.  One person even reported not only seeing a chained, large black man, but cites he was attacked by the entity while on a stairwell –  just for the apparition to disappear as quickly as it appeared!  These happenings became so prominent many who tried staying within the walls fled after a mere few days.  The bar, aptly named ‘The Haunted Saloon’, kept a journal of the events that took place since they were so becoming so commonplace.  And, the furniture quickly store closed its doors after the owner stayed a night in the store to rule-out foul play after personally enduring unexplained foul smells and finding puddles just to witness a puddle of liquid from nowhere take form in plain sight.  Purportedly, animals have been found unexplainably butchered after being brutalized.  And, a turn-of-the-century couple who tried to call the mansion home reported their children being chased with a whip and witnessing Madame LaLaurie hovering over their infant.  Over the years one single window has stayed boarded-up – still boarded to this day – the same one used by the frightened 14-year-old girl who used it to commit suicide.

    Although the building still stands today, many who pass-by the structure report to take ‘ill’ or feel sick while in its presence while telling tales of hearing screams coming from inside the mansion.

    But, the home is now a private residence and those who own it deny any ‘ghostly’ activity; however, recent renovations have unearthed graves hidden underneath the wooden floor of the home.  The skeletons apparently date from the time of the LaLaurie horrors.  So deduce what you desire but remember, ‘bones don’t lie’!



    Hugs & happy hunting …


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  • I saw the signs & they’ve opened-up my eyes!

    Do you believe in signs?

    I do!

    Most, if not all, appear when you’re NOT asking but on your mind is a thought or worry or wonderment.

    Today would’ve been my sister’s 55th birthday but she was ripped away from us 6-years ago.  All day I was convincing myself to ‘let her go’ but tis easier said than done for she was VERY close to my sons, especially my oldest – he was her ‘Valentine’.  And it wouldn’t be a family get-together without a sign of her presence.  Oh we’ve seen the oddest-of-signs from her name on a cheerleading jersey en route to canoeing, her name on the back of a person’s t-shirt at my son’s birthday dinner, or her nickname (‘Aunt Ahhh’) appearing on stores signs, commercial ads or mostly license plates.  Heck, just yesterday as my son and I were getting his college schedule and picking-out his books we returned to find a car parked next to mine with the license plate of ‘Ah’.   (even made my son pause and smile)

    Last night as I tried to sleep I was awakened every 2-hours like clock work by a ‘kiss’ on my cheek.  Literally, like what you’d assume an ‘angel’ kiss would feel like but not as light.  At first I thought our dog had decided to give me an unusual good night kiss but I quickly stirred to find nothing there so I went back to sleep.  Then two-hours later it happened again – nothing there, back to sleep.  Then again two-hours later, nothing there, back to sleep!  Continued until I finally gave-up and stayed up.  Not citing this was proof of the paranormal but at this point in my life I’ve nothing to prove to anyone so I am citing I’m certain my sister or something of good nature was toying with me to help me through this tough day!  (and it did for even now, writing about it, has me smiling even now)

    Also, as the day progressed and while my mind was on things such as laundry, lunch, work, I’d glance over to catch the time.  EVERY SINGLE TIME I was drawn to the clock was when numbers that are supposed to mean something were appearing – in other words, they’re considered signs to believers.

    Snagging from one of my favorite ‘numbers & their spiritual meanings’ website (  :

    222:  This is a sign of confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction.  Continue with this train of thought.

    234:  If you are repeatedly seeing ascending number sequences such as 1234, this is a sign from your Spirit Guides that these are progressive thoughts.  You will see this sign when thinking about an area of your life that you are concerned about and want to change, or thinking about a particular subject.  Seeing this number sequence immediately after these thoughts is a sign that your thoughts are progressive; your life will progress by following these thoughts and you will have your Spirit Guides support in its pursuit.

    333:  This sign indicates that your Spirit Guides agree with your thoughts and feelings and could be interpreted as a Cosmic ‘Yes!’ to questions you have asked or ideas you may have.

    555:  When you see this sign a life changing thought or event has just occurred. You may not like it, or you may. Whatever the case your Spirit Guides are notifying you that a change in your life path direction has just occurred and it is time for you to change too.  Move with it, follow these thoughts.

    Although I had a few moments, overall the day was an easier one than her past 5 birthdays.

    With all of today’s signs & last night’s ‘kisses’, I believe Roxanne AND my spirit guides want me to let her go, accept she’s no longer in human form but she’s around me.  No, I’VE NO DOUBT because signs don’t lie!


    Hugs & happy hunting …



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  • Happy 55th Birthday Roxanne!


    My one-&-ONLY sister, 

    Roxanne (Kolvet) Hutchings

    7/24/1958 – 7/6/2007


    Roxanne & me 1989


    7/24/2013 UPDATE:  Happy 55th birthday Roxanne!

    7/6/2013 UPDATE:  losing her hasn’t gotten any easier yet it has been 6-years today!  I miss her AS much at this very moment as I have every day since she passed.  Not one day, not one single day, goes by she doesn’t creep into my thoughts and a tear shed – not one day!



    Hugs …


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    Hello my friends & ‘followers’ ….I must brag, forgive me!

    My son was a VERY shy child growing up but has ALWAYS had great choice in friends.
    Below is the NBA’s  nationally publicized “Bloopers of the Month” reel.

    Sorry it’s a link as it’s on YouTube so the non-puter-guru-me hasn’t a clue how to insert it here.  Cut & pasted link is:

    At the 32-second mark you’ll see my ‘shy’ boy with his 4 friends (my son is far left w/the yellow hat on).

    He ain’t so shy anymore, huh?  *smiles proudly*

    Hugs …


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  • Good-bye Sherry!

    A dear woman passed away yesterday; one who meant a great deal to me growing up!

    Taking a moment to dedicate a post to her & her greatness.

    Her kindness, wonderful sense-of-humor, generosity and adorable accent will be SORELY missed by MANY!  So very glad my bff, Shera, has such a loving and large family in support as my heart pains for her DEEPLY!

    My love & condolences go out to every member of her precious family!

    Good-bye Mrs. B.; you’re a shiny star in my eyes – always have been & always will be!




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    My hero!!!

    My beautiful mommy, Dorothy Ellen (Bailey) Kolvet


    Hugs …



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  • My WebMaster & me at MidSouth
    Ron & I at MidSouth 2012

    Ron & I at MidSouth 2012

    Here is a picture of me and my WebMaster, at the 2012 Midsouth Para-Con, after his losing 250-pounds in 8-months!!!!  Obviously we are all VERY PROUD OF HIM!   :)   

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  • “Mary Ellen, are you listening? It’s me, Roxanne. It’s time Sissy!”

    Coincidences don’t just happen; well, at least I don’t believe they do.

    Although it’s been almost 5-years since I last saw my sister, spoke to her, smelled her perfume, embraced her … she dominated my thoughts one day this past week.  I couldn’t shake ‘her’ despite I tried considering the amount of time it’s taken me to let go knowing once that first tear fell a river would then awaken.  Yet, she ‘stayed’ there in my thoughts.   As to distract my thoughts I began to search the internet for something, ANYTHING, that would ‘stop that flow’ for I’ve cried so long now.

    I searched ‘patios’.

    I searched old friends.

    I searched about raising our newly adopted puppy.

    I searched news, celebrity gossip … read my emails, played my online games, commented on posts, wished friends happy birthday yet there she was, STILL in my thoughts, nagging at me.

    So, then, out-of-the-blue I searched her love … a man who she deeply loved until the last breath she took.

    This man was just a boy when they fell-in-love and her a woman.  He hadn’t had the best life; struggled living on the streets despite he was still of a VERY young age.  Sadly, over the years life hardened him and a troubled man he became.  Their relationship wasn’t the epitome of poster perfect relations but she loved him with all of her being!  Then, one day, as life usually dictates, they parted ways for trouble had found him again.  For the next few years, over a thousand miles then separated them; without her to compass him, trouble found him and he was given time for his repeated petty crimes and slowly they stopped communicating.

    Even more years passed by but slowly they became long-distanced pen pals.  She kept telling everyone how much they still cared for each other and how he was going to return when he could to marry her.  Many, including myself, shook their head in disbelief wondering why she held-on to such an unpromising future with such a trouble man.  I remember it wasn’t often she’d receive communication from him but when she did, she’d carry his letter with her until the folds were torn and a print-out of his face in her wallet.

    Repeatedly she told us he was coming for her.

    As before, we shook our heads as my sister was living in her imagination.

    But even that stopped on July 6, 2007 … she was gone!

    I remember the day she died as I was sitting in shock atop her car awaiting the coroner, of all the thoughts that ran through my head that day he came to my mind.  One included how do you tell a troubled person as he such a tragic tale when that person was trying to reform, to find some sort of good in life … a life that had beaten him down was all he’d ever known.  So, I didn’t write that day.  Nor did I write the next week … month … and year.  I asked others to write in my stead yet it never happened.  It’s not as if he could write her, shortly after her death her home was gone, literally.  So I let it lie for in an odd way, I envied him.  He was living thinking she was waiting for him … she was alive in someone … what a wonderful feeling that was – SHE WAS ALIVE!  So why write?  Why tell and sadden another?  For what reason?  She’s NEVER coming back!  So although I had things put away to share with him, they were never sent.

    Time passed …

    Years passed …

    Although I checked on him periodically during that time, those actions grew more infrequent.  Selfishly, trying to ‘let my sister go’ and ‘move on’ were dominating my thoughts — my health needed the respite, I’d suffered tremendously enough already.

    But, the now ‘stronger’ me searched to this past week to find he’d been released!  I sighed.  I remember when I closed-out that webpage for the last time this past week, I spoke a prayer for him.  I asked for God to reach-out and help this now grown man who I knew one day soon would search and find she’d passed-on … hoping he wouldn’t resent us for not writing … hoping he’d understand the reasons why for nothing was bringing her back to us and in my heart I knew that his unknowing meant within him she still was alive.

    It wasn’t but a bit later my mother’s phone rang early in the morning.  My sister’s daughter answered it.  The phone is listed under my brother’s name so when she answered a ‘stranger’ introduced himself as “an old family friend”.  The elementary-aged child he remembered was now the woman he spoke to.  In tears she told him how her mother had died.

    Although my sister no longer is alive in his heart, the love for her is and that whimsical dreamer we thought she to be died.

    For, HE CAME LOOKING FOR HER; just as she knew he would!

    I hope he forgives us for not writing; and, he holds dearly the few memories I DO have stored away in his honor!

    And, I hope SHE forgives US for not believing in her!

    Color all this coincidence if you’d like; but, I know that day my sister returned to whisper her name in both our ears!


    Hugs …








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  • My son’s singing the National Anthem!

    …. and yep, I wanted to brag about it! :)

    He’ll also be ‘on the green’ inside our beloved Colts’ Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Proud parent moments are *TOPS* … talk about reaffirming you’re doing a good ‘job’, that’s for sure!

    Hugs & happy hunting …


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