About Mellen

 About Mellen About Mellen

Mellen’s intrigue with the paranormal started at a very young age when she realized she was a ‘magnet’ for paranormal activity.  This came long before the era of cyberspace, fancy gadgets, tv shows, and paranormal conventions so Mellen had to educate herself in the arts of the paranormal by reading works written by renowned pioneering paranormalists such as the late-Dr. Hans Holzer.  Her past is so compelling, just one of her many childhood experiences was featured in the recently published “Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Indianapolis”.

As an adult, Mellen has used her paranormal experiences and ‘sense’ abilities to lead, guide, and educate hundreds-of-members in the paranormal community and beyond.

She was hand-chosen, never auditioning, to appear in several paranormal documentaries; “Mystic Indiana” as well as starred in the famed NBC/Universal Television, Syfy & SPOOKED TV’s paranormal thrillers, “Children of the Grave” and “The Unseen“.  Mellen was also co-creater and co-host, alongside Jason Sullivan, of the hit paranormal vlog series entitled, “Ghosthunting 101’s:  Paranormal 411“.  Mellen has granted countless interviews in all venues-of-the-media as well as worked as a paranormal events reporter and ‘paranormal crisis interventionist’.

Mellen’s passion doesn’t simply lie with strictly investigating and educating the paranormal though, she’s also a Christian, avid traveler, writer, lover of history, passionate speaker, dedicated rights activist, and philanthropist who, in her free time, is a doting mom of two wonderful boys, volunteer of many hats, and who looks for those in need to offer of herself with hopes of leaving this world in a better state once she’s gone!

Happy hunting ….