Summer Solstice: So do you ‘got’ your paranormal on? (theory alert)

summersolsticeToday, June 20 2016, summer will be officially beginning in the Northern Hemisphere at 6:34pm EDT.  Therefore coming night is commonly referred to as the ‘Summer Solstice’; the moment spring turns into summer.   And, purportedly, for paranormal enthusiasts, it’s second to Halloween as THE most ‘optimal’ night for ghosthunting!


Well ….

In layman’s terms:  the summer solstice is known as the shortest night-of-the-year by the world, right?  But what we normally don’t go talking about is that it’s rumored to also be a powerful night spiritually & religiously.  It’s a night when many believe the veil separating this realm and the ‘beyond’ is most thin — just as it happens on Halloween.

You do NOT have to be a seasoned or trained ‘ghosthunter’ to test it out.  Just be sure where ever you are it’s a ‘controlled environment’, you feel safe, aren’t alone nor trespassing.   Should you choose to take a SMALL group to a local cemetery to gather evidence, most do not mind if you’re quiet and respectful; however, in Indiana the law states cemeteries are close at dusk and open at dawn so a Trustee’s permission should be obtained (not a tough task as they’re quite nice and VERY informative people — easily located via the internet).

FOR SAFETY’S SAKE:  try to do a quick run thru during the day to get a feel for the lay-of-the-land, never go ghost hunting alone, bring a cell phone, take flashlights, extra batteries, dress appropriately, and remember to be first skeptical and not easily convinced therefore spooked by staying open minded and brave!  ;)

So, if you dare, I’d suggest you grab those digital voice recorders, digital video, & digital cameras out … whatever it is that ‘you’ do and when/if you capture anything either out of the ordinary or better yet increased activity (to help prove this ‘thin veil theory’).  [you can voice record on almost every MP3, cell phone to possibly obtain an EVP* which, if you do so would make it ULTRA convenient for digital downloading afterward.  Just remember, you should listen to each clip at least 3 times so tape in increments]

IF you obtain questionable data, there are pages & pages of sites on the internet whereas you can learn to know more about what you captured, how to convert it &/or modify it (for better appearance YET NEVER ALTER THE ORIGINAL).

Or,  if you choose to stay at home and ‘do your thing’  be aware that if/when you DO capture ‘something’ that freaks you out … are you prepared to continue living there?   (just sayin’)

To be BEST versed take a few moments today and search the internet about the summer solstice, how it affects the moon phase, solar flares, planet/stars alignment AND paranormal activity and deduce for yourself if you deem the time spent ‘hunting’ as worthy.   A lot of para-groups have pages in this regard along with reasonings &/or evidence.

Hugs & happy hunting …

*:  EVP stands for ‘Electronic Voice Phenomenon’ or ‘Etheric Voice Phenomena’ … or ‘a disembodied voice captured audibly on tape’.   :)  


So Roxanne WAS listening! She reeeeally was!

I was standing by my kitchen sink cleaning when I looked around my home and thought aloud:  “Roxanne, see how much I need you?  I have lived here almost 4-years and I don’t even know where to hang a picture.  But nooo you’re gone and can’t help me.  Thanks!”

Less than an hour later my phone rang, it was my cousin with whom I hadn’t spoken in months.  I answered to hear her tell me she ‘felt’ she should call me RIGHT then.  She told me to “not think her crazy” and that “Roxanne had just given her a message to call me“.  My cousin didn’t know WHY other than she’s been meaning to get in touch with me as she has a picture she’s been wanting to share with me (of Roxanne).



I TRULY don’t think so!  (but think what you’d like)

So, let my posts be a reminder …. they may be gone into ‘spirit world’ BUT they are nearby watching and (obviously) listening!  Because … it was my sister who got ME into the paranormal; so, if there ever was someone who’d make contact after-passing, it’d be her, I’m CERTAIN of it!

Hugs …





Paranormal Activity: was it a warning of something bad coming my way?

I’ve not long to pen this for I’m wearing a bit thin these days rushing between home and the hospital, so pardon me for not glamorizing this entry.

The VERY next day after I saw that ‘shadowy figure’ walk through my home (see previous blog entry), I had to take my mom to the ER. She’s still admitted and is diminishing quickly; we’re ALL a bit baffled as to why considering the reason we rushed there in the first place versus what we’re currently battling.

It was due to INCREDIBLE pain returning in her back as to why we pulled-up to those ER doors this past Tuesday. Lo & behold, CT scan showed my mom has yet another break in her spine. Since she’s a life-long smoker, aged (almost) 80, these happen more commonly then most realize; however, her mental state is what’s our biggest concern.

When you speak to her, she stares at the walls as if she’s a vegetable; my niece described it like her being in a coma yet wide-awake. When she does try and ‘interact’, there’s no sense to what she mumbles. Until last night, she’s COMPLETELY stopped eating! They’re reducing almost all of her meds, yet she still just ‘stares’. Yesterday, I had a LOT on my plate so I wasn’t able to sit there with her 24/7 as I normally do — probably a good thing considering when I DID get to & was only there about an hour as to ensure she tried to eat lunch, she ripped my heart out! She kept trying to get out of bed despite she’s SO lethargic she can barely lift her arm (yes, I hand-feed her). Of course there’s NO WAY I could lift &/or carry my mom for ANY reason even though she’s officially lost 50lbs since my brother’s suicide this past Fall. So she was begging me yesterday to let her ‘sneak’ out of the bed … “please, help me” she’d say to me over & over! The nurses rushed in (for about the millionth time) to help me get her legs back into the bed and I was *warned* the next step will be tying her down! WHAT?! This same lady was shopping around Walmart not but a week ago – this CANNOT be happening! IT’S BREAKING MY HEART!

The doctor called me a little bit ago to tell me what’s his game plan and concerns. Her white blood cell count is rising so they’re continuing the antibiotics. He’s cutting her meds down TREMENDOUSLY … actually that was started almost 1.5-days ago yet she’s moreso still staring out into space versus watching tv or better yet, having a convo & making sense while doing so. She will NOT be going to rehab tomorrow as they initially predicted … something I had already anticipated hearing. She’ll be visited by a neurologist in the morning despite the CT scans on her head have come back ‘fine’. Curious, how does the brain’s “I’m willing myself to die” portion look like in a scan because that’s what I believe she’s doing?! She’s simply GIVING UP!

I’ve so much more to write … but alas, I really need to get back to the hospital so I need to wrap this up.

The point of this entry … the figure I saw, I saw within hours of all this beginning. I KNOW others have seen such entities as well. Curious, in retrospect, were those sightings followed by your getting a BIG ‘slap of reality’? Or it is all just coincidence?

Hugs & happy hunting …


P.S.: Yes, my thoughts are scattered so please forgive any typos, etc. TY!

Paranormal Activity ain’t just for the movies!

I had hoped it stopped!

I had hoped it stayed behind us!

I had hoped it just left us alone!

I had hoped my ceasing looking for answers to it changed everything!

I had hopes … but they vanished FOREVER after last night!

Unlike the movie, paranormal activity within your home — you know, the place where you are to feel most safe — isn’t entertaining, to say the least!


I was lying in bed playing around on my laptop with the tv lowly humming in the background while my husband was just dozing off as both kids were in their respective rooms having difficulty falling to sleep due to the recent time change. I looked up to see a shadow of our gaming table on my entertainment room’s wall. Something had caught my eye so I was staring at the shadow being cast upon the wall wondering if a car passing-by caused the capturing of my sight yet I heard no car. I sat up in bed still staring at this shadow; still appeared normal — as I felt it was just the gaming table reflecting off onto the wall, a reflection from the nearby night light’s glow. At least 20-seconds passed by and I was still sitting up and staring at the shadow. I had PLENTY of time to measure it. Stood about 7″ tall and it was symmetric with squared edges, from what I could gather. All of a sudden it TURNED to ‘look’ at me; ‘we’ made visual contact for a nice while despite I saw no eyes, no face, just a tall block of shadow nothingness … as if it knew I saw it and it wanted me to watch. It turned again and I watched legs appear from no where walking this ‘figure’ toward my sons’ bedrooms! I was stunned as this was DEFINITELY a ‘Top 10 Paranormal Moment’ for me despite my YEARS of experience, I was able to immediately react! I leapt out of bed and rushed to my sons’ rooms all the while saying loudly, “I don’t flippin’ think so!” so the ENTIRE house awakened.

I tried to get both of my sons into OUR master bedroom for the night but both were adament they were fine with simply bunking-up in the same room afterward. So I helped my oldest make a pallet on the floor of my youngest’s bedroom all the while thinking how HAPPY I am we adopted a puppy. The puppy loves my youngest insanely so they cuddle together at night; and as many know tis believed animals ‘sense’ things we normally do not. Knowing the animal was in the room with them for the night gave me a HUGE peace-of-mind as to return to
sleep … however my adding the Bible to the door way as well as blessing their room (& them) helped me cope some too so the rest of the night was uneventful.

Now, those are the FACTS in this ‘case’, time for MY feelings!

I was scared yet madder than hell! I will NEVER forget seeing ‘it’!!!!! EVER! And the BEST visual I can give you, my reader, is that ‘it’ was a LOT like the predator … yea, that’s a good simile. Just like in the movie and it paused, made eye contact & turned.

What do I think shadow ‘people’ are? Well, frankly I’m on the fence as I’m not fully sure what we’re picking-up with our paranormal studying is truly remenants of past humans; sometimes I’m curious if they aren’t aliens living peacefully amongst us yet knowing we truly are a violent animal, humans that is. We react with anger first so I don’t blame ‘them’ for hiding, if true. Or, what if it never was human.? (that reality frightens me so much, I don’t even want to go there in dialogue)

Let me add that I’m NOT stating it threatened me in any way as with ANY para-experience fear is emitted by the person who witnesses the event. However, I just didn’t like how it ARROGANTLY paused to look in MY direction (it KNEW I was watching & wondering). And then, taking a QUICK jaunt toward my children’s bedrooms … leaves room for worry.

Although I’ve heard a sobbing when we FIRST moved into our new home in 2008 coming from downstairs LATE one night as well as my son AND his friend seeing my sister in his (new) bedroom, this home is a quiet one; so unlike the prior home we lived in. I thought my staying away from ‘seeking-out the paranormal’ was the reason for our peacefulness — guess that’s not the case afterall. I’m a ‘magnet’ nonetheless!

Hoping this was an isolated event. If not, rest assured I’ll blog!

Hugs & happy hunting …