Simply Mellen … just me!

Many people are ‘just’ learning about what’s put me where I’m ‘at’ today, soooo in lieu of explaining repeatedly – I thought I’d write a QUICK entry to explain.

First off, this website was a gift to me by a VERY dear & wonderful friend as a result of my being VICIOUSLY & unjustifably cyber bullied (by grown adults who had NEVER met me, nor accepted the invite TO let me add). Why this occurred (and may still be but I heed ‘them’ NO attention), God will enlighten me when my time is ready as I’ve not a clue. Regardless, Mr. Ron Garrison set this up and tends it for me at no charge to which I’m ETERNALLY grateful! However, a couple-of-years back this site was hacked and MUCH of what was on it, lost – so although THIS site seems vacant, it’s being reborn & tis in a ‘rebirthing’ stage, so to speak. Previously, I had a lot more paranormal ‘evidence’, etc. onboard — so you’re witnessing my baby stepping it back into a full-blown, informative, entertaining and FUN website! :)

Now, why the paranormal and why me?

I have always had an affinity for the paranormal; even as a young child who couldn’t read, I’d peruse the pictures in books WELL beyond my years. When the ‘net’ era came about I was entralled there were paranormal groups forming, some even allowing the public to join-in. I quickly embraced my love for the paranormal as a HOBBY, took on MULTIPLE ‘titled’ positions in said groups, until the time came I was spent from endless hours of volunteering, appearing in documentaries, leading fundraisers, etc.!

And although I’ve made some WONDERFUL friends along the way, it wasn’t until 2006 when I met with some Hollywood producers [SPOOKED TV] who were juuuuust entering the paranormal filmmaking industry when my popularity skyrocketed! Yep, they CHOSE me, out of the audience — proof they ARE in tune with their intuitiveness as when we spoke after their speaking event ended, they realized I had an interesting story right up their alley. As a result, within days we were filming my telling this same story to their cameras which eventually made it into their paranormal-documentary, ‘Children of the Grave’ [‘COTG’]. ‘COTG’ was initially released just on DVD in 2007 but then was QUICKLY swept-up by Syfy and aired, editted, regularly on cable; moreso during the Halloween season, of course. [recently it’s been shared to include: NBC, Chiller & now SPOOKED TV-on-Demand]

In the meantime, I’ve been the renown roadrunner. I’ve tried to visit as many places humanly possible. I mean, I’ve spent COUNTLESS hours planning trips — down to the smallest of details. Even if the trip was only 45-minutes away, I’d find historical stops to visit enroute – that’s just me … I WANT TO SAY “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”! I love this land and am sad we only live a short lifetime as there’s simply SO much I still need & want to take-in! *sigh* My primary goal, when traveling, is to visit places with a ‘history’. Sometimes I ‘do’ paranormal tests, other times, not — depends upon the circumstance as well as the respect for the place. I’ve traveled to LA via car twice and visited SO many sites in SO many states, I’m losing count! Heck, just this past summer when driving home from LA (to Indianapolis) just nearby Colorado took me to Wild Bill Hickcock’s & Doc Holliday’s gravesites which followed my stopping at ghost towns, haunted restaurants, and ENDLESS graveyards/cemeteries. Yes, tis obvious now I’ve a ‘knack’ for hunting out such sites. And tis because of ALL this I PREFER to drive – ALWAYS, if permitted! I TRULY BELIEVE IN THE OL’ ADAGE: ‘getting there is half the fun’! :)

Personally, I’m no longer in a paranormal group and although I’m invited from time-to-time to ghosthunt/investigate sites with those who ARE still actively involved, I try not to dive too deep into that ‘social’ pool. I’ve learned there are QUITE a few ‘questionables’ with whom I’d rather not socialize – crrrreeeeeeeeeeeeepy peeps! *winks* I still whip-out my digital recorders as well as snap a few pictures along the way, fear naught. And, like that EVP of my brother speaking to me (a few entries down from this one on this site), tis proof I’ve not lost the ‘art’ of paranormal investigating.

I’ve MANY different opinions about this ‘evidence’ we paranormalists are obtaining but those are thoughts for a different day (and specific entry devoted solely upon them – stay tuned). ONE THING I DO KNOW FOR CERTAIN: there’s something ‘etheric’ all around us! *beware*

Tangent … sorry, wanted to scare … tis the reason for THIS season! :)

In closing I wanted to add … for those ‘just’ learning about me, where I’ve been as well as what brought me to this, a site, personality, celebrity friends and travel a’plenty – here it is. I’m NOT done either so keep an eye out for more posts in the future (… heck, just 2 days ago I captured yet another good EVP but this time in my OWN home, not gonna stop anytime soon obviously).


Hugs …


Mellen’s site will blossom

Although Mellen’s first official website took flight 5-years ago which grew to be quite popular, due to an unfortunate unforeseen event all of her data was lost.

So this site is in a metamorphic state. 

Our additions will include EVP, photographic as well spiritual ‘evidence’ collected by Mellen, stories of her para-interactions, as well as her ‘mishaps’ over her course of searching for answers to the paranormal. 

So we here at Simply Mellen ask for your patience as well as urge you to add your email so that you’re alerted regarding the additions.  This website isn’t just about Mellen, it’s about YOU … it’s an open forum and without YOUR input, our job of creating a helpful website would be futile!   


Happy hunting!

Welcome to Simply Mellen


Mellen’s given name is “Mary Ellen Kolvet Hammack”.  Personally she goes by “Mary Ellen”, but tis okay that most of all y’all refer to her as “Simply Mellen”.

After appearing regularly on Syfy by starring in the 2007 popular paranormal documentary, “Children of the Grave” on top of years of ghosthunting independently, Mellen became a paranormal celebrity vitually overnight finding herself in the mix of paranormal filming often.  Mellen simply adores networking with others who share her love for the paranormal.  Her hopes are for this site is for it to grow and educate others interested in the pararnomal.  Mellen ideal is to …  “take the ‘para’ out of paranormal” and the only way this is accomplishable is by gaining scientific, tagible evidence uncovered by the millions of devoted, knowledgeable, and open-minded individuals, like you!   Mellen hopes, since we’re all in this to find the same answers, her visitors please play nice and stay respectful when posting by focusing finding answers to the unknown!   Although, we MUST warn you that there WILL be drama from time-to-time as everyone enjoys a  lil’ entertainment and boy does the paranormal have its share! 

BUCKLE UP … it’s gonna be one fun ride! 

Happy hunting!