Dreams Dreams Dreams, should they be considered paranormal too?

I love to dream; however, I prefer whimisical ones – dreams I know surely cannot be true.  But that’s not my luck!  So here I am first thing this morning logging my latest dream before it escapes my memory with hopes of finding some sort of ‘understanding’ of it.

Even though my dream was believeable, I went from ‘scene-to-scene’ quickly.

First I was at a home (that’s not my current home) and was angry family members were painting it in colors I hadn’t approved of.  I stormed out and was at a TINY airport running late for my flight.  There was a nice woman who allowed me ahead of her through security.  As I was going through security, the officer who was supposed to be (x-ray) screening my bag ask me how I was feeling to which I replied, “oh you remember me!  Well I’m fine and yes my tooth ache got better” From when she remembered me, I’ve no clue but apparently I had flown through that port before.

I’ve no recollection of exiting any aircraft yet found myself visiting my family in southeastern Kentucky.  I was at my aunt’s house (where I always go).  There were a lot of people there along with my mom.  As usual, first thing my mom announced dibs on which bed she was going to be sleeping in while we stayed.  I recall I was being booted from yet another room (by someone I’m assuming was family) when I looked out the window.  Above my aunt’s home there had been built a beautiful home; up on the side of the mountain BUT where an old cemetery exists presently.  In the driveway where there were ruts going awry, I saw two or three young teenaged boys riding around on their quads riding around each other having a lot of fun.  I looked-up to see this ‘new’ home.  It was a nice sized home; it was creme colored, had about 3500-square footage, two-stories, lower-half was covered in earth-toned rock, slight porch and with ‘Cape Cod style’ windows upstairs as if to imply it most likely offered ‘seats’ as windows sills.  One wouldn’t have noticed the home it was so deep within the trees and although it didn’t fit-in with the other homes in the area, it was simply beautiful!

The next thing I recall it was night time.  I had my dog with me (do NOT recall him being on the plane, hmmm).  I remember he awakened me needing to go out yet the sun had not yet risen so it was still dark outside.  When I took him out the back door, there was a standard chain-linked 4′ tall fence that ran along a drive (my aunt does NOT have such a fence nor does this ‘drive’ exist).  As my dog was walking around the yard doing his business I recall a bug jumped on my arm, like a VERY large grasshopper.  I kept trying to flick it off of me when I grabbed the top of the fence to keep myself steady.  When I reached for the top railing I felt something.  When I looked down there was a small, thin snake.  Immediately I thought harmless ‘gardner’ but was startled and quickly let-go.  I looked down to see my feet covered with two more snakes which looked the same yet I felt a piercing, like a needle through my shoes that hurt.  I knew then I had been bitten, bitten SEVERAL times.

The very last thing I recall was calling for my dog and trying to get to my aunt’s back door.

First thing this morning I searched what this dream could mean.  What I discovered is that dreaming of snakes can me quite an array of things from facing fears to intimate relations.  Since I’m unable to make any sense of this presently, hence the blog with hopes it does eventually (so stay tuned in case I DO make sense of it all).

Gotta luv dreams!  ;)

Hugs & happy hunting …


SURVIVING SUICIDE: psychic intervention sought

Recently, I attended a psychic fair. I obtained two ten-minute readings by two different ‘psychics’. [boxed-in are the relationship explanations ]

DISCLAIMER: I know ‘psychics’ and do NOT talk much to them nor nod my head as well as watch ALL of my actions (and appearance) with hopes not to lead them &/or provide them with information … I allow THEM to take the reigns, so to speak; however, I DO give confirmation to them when they’re accurate.

The first was a graceful lady whose information was relevant to my life but not life altering. Such as, she said she ‘saw’ me in a hospital environment [been there, done that with my mom just recently as well as I’m ‘tending’ to her a nurse/caregiver now]; I need to create a calendar as I’m going to be tracking dates that cause me to be excited [oddly, I had just spoken to my mom about getting her a calendar as to not just remind her what day it was each day but also to track her ENDLESS appointments and prescription refills despite I do not consider these ‘exciting’, hmm]; she told me I’m a ‘healer’ by touch [been there, done that]; she also said a playful young boy who is in spirit form is tagging along with me in life, said he wants me to name him [unsure, stay tuned].

Next up a guy who hit some nails on their heads! He TOLD me I had 2 brothers [yes, he went RIGHT to talking about my brothers – bright bulb went off!]; he didn’t come out and say one was in spirit but hinted to me that there was a situation going on that was ‘foggy’ to him [I picked-up his hesitation was from the fear my brother hadn’t passed-on yet and didn’t want to scare me into worrying he was GOING to die soon … I told him then that my brother was gone and it happened recently]. Then he told me my brother-in-spirit was at peace with his ‘issues’, actually happy and was hearing my pleas for help [this man had NO idea my situation nor that I do INDEED speak aloud to my late-brother begging him for guidance with our mother as well as my only living sibling]. He told me my brother-in-spirit was going to ‘terrorize’ my living brother and then he asked me if I had heard of &/or believed in ghosts (ah ha ha) for he meant in THAT sense my late-brother was going to reak havoc on my living one as to and I quote, “get your brother out of that house”! [He had NO idea my brother committed suicide nor did he know it happened in a house nor did he know my living brother lived in the home he committed suicide nor did he know I was struggling trying to find a place for my living brother & my mom, who is staying with me outside of THAT home, a place to rejoin them. Also, just a few days prior my brother called me and told me he had been seeing ‘things’ in the house — my niece confirmed as she too saw a ‘man’ — both are now sleeping with the lights on]. He also told me my brother was telling me to “shut up & to just be there for mom” [again, I do NOT speak, as I normally do, *smiles*, so he was TOTALLY in the dark I’m a fast-talking, talker — had to chuckle because just the 2-days/nights prior my mom and I butted heads, d’oh!]. He also told me that I need to rejuventate ME; told me it was a beautiful day (it was) and it was still early… there were 2 friends wanting & waiting to spend time with me and for me to go be with them as to get some time to myself**. And then right before we parted he grabbed my hand and added, “your brother has assignments he’s taken-on, one is he’s going to help you, he plans on visiting you in your dreams though so be ready as he’ll lead you from there”.

Let me add that BOTH psychics picked-up on my mom and neither mentioned my dad. [Shocking to me considering most families have one; and yea, I found that convincingly odd considering my dad died in 1970 yet they had NO WAY of knowing that.]

That was Saturday — since, I HAVE had a dream with my brother-in-spirit in it despite I haven’t had one with him or about him since his passing. Also, it was more like a ‘puzzle’ or ‘pieces’, ‘clues’ or ‘hints’ … soon to make sense to me, I hope.

DREAM OPENED UP: My brother was lying dead on the floor and I was frantic. (remember I was NOT one who found my brother that day, nor did I see him hanging)

DREAM FLASHED TO ANOTHER SCENE: A lil’ girl about 6-7 was possessed by a demon and I was holding her, squeezing her close to me while holding my cross necklace against her and yelling, “In Jesus’ name I command you leave this child forever”!

DREAM FLASHED BACK TO MY BROTHER: He was lying there, I was pumping his chest in order to perform CPR but I paused as I was unable to give him mouth-to-mouth (?).

DREAM FLASHED TO A BLIP: All I remember was the feeling I got from moving ‘something’ and feeling relieved all it took was a simply switch of ‘something’ to make ‘someone’ more comfortable.

I’m sure this dream was the first of several, hence why I’m sharing. I’ve a dilemma regarding rebuilding what’s left of my family and need all of the help I can get! IF my brother can help me from beyond using dreams, so be it — I’m open!

Will continue to post as significant happenings deem worthy of sharing occur! :-)

And I don’t say this enough but “thank you for taking the moment to read my writings, share my pain, and keeping my family in your thoughts & prayers”!


Hugs & happy hunting …


**: WANT TO ADD: Later that evening & after heeding his advice, I headed an hour west to spend time with my close buddies, Brenda & Stan. After a bite & coffee, off we went on a much needed ghosthunt where the strangest thing happened … BUT that’s gonna be my topic for my next blog as I’ve some EVP yet to listen for before I can post it completely, so who knows what I scored! *stay tuned*

Last night’s dream, interpreted: a house, school, puppy

So after penning the (aforementioned) ‘DREAMS’ blog now I know I had an ‘epiphany’ dream last night because the ‘forgetting’ period has passed and I remember GREAT details (including, I dream in color). So now I need to figure out IF there was a message in this dream awaiting me … hmmm?

I was standing in front of a GORGEOUS huge home. I ‘felt’ as if I was a nomad in search of something because I WANTED that home. I remember the mansion was 3 stories tall built into a LARGE rolling hill (front was seen, back was a basement type) with a driveway about a block-long going up to the house. I’m ASSUMING it was in Scotland or Ireland as the rolling GREEN mountains aren’t something I’ve seen during my drives across the good USofA. As I stood on the gravel road that lead to the home, I stared at the house in envy because it was all in nautical (I’m addicting to ‘seaside’ decor; as was my sister before me). The house was white & nautical navy with a ships’ wheel adorning its side. POOF, now I was in a school that was built as a donut for I was trying to get out of the school yet couldn’t — keep going around & around all the while a little brown puppy was following me. I remember stopping by the gym where there was a pep rally going on to ask how I get out but no one ‘noticed’ me, so I continued to roam with puppy hot on my tail. I remember looking for as ‘shoplike’ classroom with hopes to find materials to create a makeshift leash with the intent of taking the puppy with me (on my travels). Next, … my phone rang & my mom woke me up. Dream over!

What should I add? Well:

Just before bed last night my mom called me crying. She had watched a movie about a man who had died and how for 20-years a dog who searched a lifetime refused to let him go. Mom was in tears telling me to NOT watch the movie. [HENCE THE DOG]

Then, right before bed, my son came into my room to ask me if we would be able to attend his girlfriend’s cheerleading competition this weekend. [HENCE THE SCHOOL’S PEP RALLY]

All this came after my going out to the movies to see (the wonderful) “The Help”; of which, I felt almost EVERY house in it as eye candy. [HENCE THE HOMES]

Unsurety lies within the rolling mountains and the nautical theme of the house.

BUT as you can see, you CAN have an ‘epiphany’ dream it not always mean it’s spiritual in nature – or a message from beyond, so to speak. And, as I penned prior, things in life that you see, smell, hear, desire CAN affect your dreams! And this is why it’s good to also include THOSE in your dream journal in addition to a dream’s content.

Happy hunting …


Dreams: when, how, why?

So what causes us to dream? Why do we sometimes remember our dreams yet other times not? And, do dreams truly have ‘meaning’?

To best answer these questions first we need to gain a better understanding as to what a dream is using the data scientific studies provided to us thus far.

Dreams are basically defined as a succession of involuntary visions/images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.

The study of the dream process is called oneirology. This includes those who research the correlation between a dream and present knowledge, the functioning of our brain during the dream state, how mental disorders and medicines possibly affect dreams as well as how dreams are remembered.

Let’s JUST focus on dreams in general in this blog and leave out how medicine, mental illness, etc. may affect a person’s dreaming.

So when do we dream?

Although our sleep cycles change, research has proven most of our dreams occurs during our ‘rapid-eye movement’ (REM) sleep cycle although the ‘non-rapid-eye movement’ (NREM) also plays a key role (later addressed). Not much is known regarding the relationship of ocular movement and the REM other than it IS an indicator of this particular sleep cycle. The REM cycle is divided in two to phases: tonic and phasic, stages measuring the severity of ocular movement and brain activity during dreaming. Tonic being the most active, invigorating or strengthening of occular movement – whereas phasic being the descending of movement. Around 20-25% or 90-120 minutes of ones sleep cycle is considerd REM with the possibility of multiple, four or five, REM cycles during one ‘normal’ sleep cycle.

Dreams are (scientifically) categorized into two categories: authentic and illusory.

Authentic dreams had a tendency to relate to experiences and may reflect memories held by the dreamer. Possibly the dreamer is worried or stressed about life and that emotion carries on into the sleep cycle.

Illusory dreams are generally influenced by stimuli such as smells, sounds, emotions. The dreamer smells breakfast cooking which triggers a dream in its regard.

Still in debate is the reasoning regarding the memories of dreams which is believed to be determined by both NREM and REM sleep cycles. Thus far scientific studies have dictated the REM sleep cycle as when emotions become consolidated; whereas during the NREM sleep cycle facts and episodes are consolidated, hence the relationship.

So why do we remember some of our dreams yet not others?

Within five-minutes after the end of a dream, up to 50% of the dream will be forgotten. After ten-minutes, up to 90% is gone. However, those who are awakened immediately after their REM sleep cycle seem to be able to recall their dreams more vividly than those who continued to sleep.

Do dreams have ‘meaning’?

Since many believe our dreams hold answers, are a perception of ones self, people perceive dreams as a ‘premonition’. [No, this is not scientifically proven, meaning it’s not been disproven either.] Therefore, it is advised for dreamers to maintain a journal by their bedside and record their dreams IMMEDIATELY upon awakening; include not only the dream but also the environment in which one slept, the current affairs of the dreamer, as well as the health and frame-of-mind of the dreamer for all may be key to ‘dream interpretation’ or show a pattern.

One thing many spiritual believers contend is that there are ‘epiphany’ dreams; dreams that leave the dreamer awakening feeling ‘different’ and whose memory of such dreams seem to linger longer than those scientifically proven time limits. Many of these dreams are believed to be premonitions; a trigger leaving the dreamer with a choice to ‘change’ their life’s course.

There is a plethora of books written as well as sites on the web which give endless interpretations regarding dreams; places, objects, emotions are just a few of the many factors needed to best interpret a person’s dreams. A good example of this is dreaming of the ocean/sea which have a multitude of interpretations all revolving around the dreamer’s emotional state relating to the water. Was the ocean calm? Was the dreamer afraid? In this case, the ’emotion’ is the key to dream interpretation, not simply ‘water’.

If your dreams are bothering you or have you worried, the BEST advice I can give to you is to use that bedside journal and don’t take any dream at ‘face value’. Remember, there are MANY factors that may and CAN affect your dreams so they may not be as scary as you believe once you see it all on paper after-the-fact! And, if not … the journal WILL help you narrow down the ‘key’ to your dreams to better serve you when utilizing those books and websites for the best interpretation.