Avon High School’s 2014 Lip Dup: Proud Parent Moment

They won all the money for Riley’s Children’s Hospital!

Although my son cannot be seen:  when Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit & Tie’ starts (around the 4:20 mark).  You’ll see 3 seniors dancing in their (show choir) white & black suits when in the background 2 boys are tossed into the air as a ballet dancer would be.  MY SON IS ONE WHO IS TOSSING ONE OF THE BOYS UP!

I’m VERY proud of not only the Avon High School Student Council for arranging this VERY detailed filming but also of the ENTIRE AHS’ student body for doing such a WONDERFUL job!  It was filmed in one LONG take … while the students HAD to remain silent (a feat in its own right).  *CLAP CLAP CLAP*

Not only has the LOCAL news stations covered this work-of-art BUT I hear that it’s going national (ABC).

I’m awful adding links to videos here, so here’s the link you’ll have to cut&paste though jumping you to Perez Hilton’s website where he gives a glowing accolade in our regard AND links you to the LipDup (which lives on YouTube):

http://perezhilton.com/perezitos/2014-04-16-avon-high-school-epic-lip-dub-helps-children-hospital .
Hugs & Happy Hunting …


Filming & Breaking through Paranormal Borders: On the Set


The day was an experience I’ll NEVER forget.  Not only do I have a new-found respect for ‘extras’ who are TRULY the ‘meat & taters’ stars, but I’m now in-love with my furnace (as this endless Indiana winter reared its brutal ugly head again that day).

I’m still very grateful, humbled and honored to be part of such a professional LARGE group of individuals; even the A&E crew were gems!

Just a few of the memories:

On_the_set_3[1] On_the_set_4[1] On_the_set_5[1]

I shall keep you posted as to when the Zappos ‘villains vs. good guy’ commercial airs as well as when this commercial is featured on their A&E  reality series (mid-summer).
Hugs & Happy Hunting …


Filming & Breaking through ‘Paranormal’ Borders

Gold Star

We film tomorrow!


I received word I was chosen by the Casting Director to be one of several privileged individuals to be part of a commercial’s cast promoting a prominent company.**

Shockingly in addition to hearing I made the final cut for their commercial, I was also informed we’re going to be a part of their reality show filming.  Tis a ‘behind-the-scenes’ creation slated to air in June of 2014 on A&E Television(c).

Of course I’m excited; however, I’m also honored, blessed and quite humbled to be working with such a creative, imaginative, and gifted group-of-professionals!

I shall keep y’all posted as to when their show & commercial debut – or, you can simply join their mailing list directly at www.herbertbrothers.com.

Hugs & happy hunting …


**due to confidentiality reasons, this vague data is all I can reveal in regard to my involvement at this time

More data was published in the Greensburg Daily News prior to the filming (‘cut & paste’ version, sorry – too tired from filming today to figure-out why it won’t let me add another link, d’oh):



Dreamed of You Last Night

I dreamed of you last night and ‘sense’ VERY strongly that you’re in distress!

Despite not seeing nor talking for years, I was with you visiting and we were catching-up (making amends?)  I remember you weren’t happy.  You had a filled house (not just family).  There were babies, pregnancies and potential adoptions involved.  A room with a circular couch was prominent.  You were not at all happy about going to work in a Denny’s uniform.

Unsure what any of this means; but IF you’re reading this, IF it applies, and IF you need me, I’m always but a phone call away (as my cell phone number has never changed).

Peace …

Nan Nan

[I do not care that I promised to not post again in your regard - the dream upset me and I felt it was my calling to compose & post this.  Please do not take it 'wrong' (as you did the returning of your ring)!]

HERE’S TO 2014 – MY Year!

And I hope you make it YOUR year too — seize it, embrace it and fill it with nothing but positivity!  JUST DO IT!


#HugsAndHappyHunting …